New Tech FingerReader

New Tech FingerReader

FingerReader you read aloud the text that you point your finger. Researchers at the University Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States have created a device that reads aloud what the person is pointing with his index finger, specially designed for those who have some difficulty in visual.

The new device worn on index finger expected to be economical and can be printed by a 3D printer, which would give access to a large number of people and would be much simpler to use than having to learn Braille.

The device bearing the name of FingerReader has a small camera that has the ability to scan without much difficulty, while it is located on a finger.

It is so simple to use that only with text SENAR your finger, use integrated camera that allows you to reproduce the words to voice software. As usual with these systems, the voice is not the most natural we've seen, as it will sound robotic, but this is really not important. FingerReader also includes a vibrating system that alerts the user when a word could not possibly be read correctly.

Although currently the FingerReader was printed with a 3D printer as a prototype, the device manages to show the value and could provide great benefit to many visually impaired.

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