Control your mind with Google Glass by MindRDR

Control your mind with Google Glass by MindRDR
Google Glass, one of the newest technologies on the market and one of the portable devices technology or dress more controversial, continues to progress and offering new things despite still not available for everyone.

Thanks to the open source application called MindRDR, users with Google Glass can somehow control like device with only his mind works.

Normally, Google is smart glasses controlled via voice commands with the touch pad or flicker. Now the company This Place is located in London has created MindRDR to bring the functionality of Google Glass to another level with new telekinetic abilities.

Google Glass can be controlled with always mind and when it also has an EEG Neurosky biosensor because MindRDR function as a punte to connect the two devices, translating brain activity that detects biosensor EEG to pass to executable commands Google Glass understood.

Currently, Google MindRDR in Glass only lets you take pictures and upload them to Facebook or Twitter, but is expected to eventually succeed developers offer many more features that can be controlled with your mind.

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