Trade Forex and the Stock Market Profitably Without Indicators

Most of us are still wondering what the hell we're talking about when we say price of the transaction. This is the way the trade fair and possibly light could activate for some people and will start to really see the price as it really is. I will not enter candlestick patterns as they are covered by many experts in the field. What I will be talking about is the price action and price patterns. It's what you see on the screen when "naked" empty of everything blurred vision. Perhaps, if it continues, it is understandable why price moves towards the way it does. The price is "alive" in a manner of speaking.

Trade Forex and the Stock Market Profitably Without Indicators

I treat it like a hunter. Learn their habits, and have habits that are repeated over and over again, makes all the difference between bringing home a trophy, put the meat on your table or go hungry another day.

When I look at all trading systems and indicators all over the place and the latest bells and whistles that people use to conduct their operations, I can not help but compare those people "trappers". They are setting a trap. Perhaps the fox will show up and get caught, but most likely, a little sly devil will backtrack on you and slip away. I'm not saying "catch" is a bad method for hunting, I'm just saying that all the conditions have to be right for the prey to be trapped.

For this reason, all EA systems and work part time, but none of them work all the time. When conditions are right, the trap of EA or the system will jump and find another skin. Sometimes, the trap is sprung but can not catch prey and sometimes not spring the trap. His success as a "trapper" depends on a mechanical trap, left to its own. Let must not forget that the fox is a cunning animal and will learn their capture modes. Learns to survive by adapting its forms. Trappers who can not adapt to the changing forms of the fox, will not last long in the desert of the currency.

On the other hand, the hunter takes more of an active roll in "the hunt". He doesn't just set a box and come back and check it 4 days later. He spends days in the prey's habitat, learning all he can of his adversary. He actively tracks his prey, looking for sign along the way. Learning when and where it feeds, and what it eats and if the prey is large enough, finding the remains of a "trapper" or two along the way. Soon enough though, the hunter tracks the fox right into his den, where the fox lives and is most comfortable. Before it knows it, the fox is skinned and the hunter bags another trophy.

Price moves with direction "and" intent. Too many people try to trade direction only and have not a clue as to the intent of price. Price moves for a set, determined reason. Make no mistake here, price does not move on its own. Price is driven or piloted by somebody or some thing. It is driven with intent. The direction of price is the easy part, it's intent is something entirely different.

Most if not all of the orders placed by every everyone and in all the bucket shops across the world, never see the Forex market. They are handled in house, by your brokers. The brokers have some influence over price and what happens to your trades. Staying with a fixed spread broker gives some protection from these guys but you pay a little more for each trade.

How can we Make Gradient in Adobe Photoshope 7 0

In this simple and easy tutorial we know How to Make Gradient in Adobe Photoshop 7 0.

How can we Make Gradient in Adobe Photoshope 7 0

Learn How to remove administrator password Win XP or 7

Learn How to remove administrator password. Win 7 password reset.Have you ever wanted to hack your University PC with guest account/student or just tried to hack your roommate's PC to make him wonder when you tell him your accomplished story of hacking? So today I have a best way of hacking or cracking an administrator account from a guest account by which you can change the administrator's password and getting all the functions which an administrator enjoys on a computer.

Learn How to remove administrator password Win XP or 7

Trick to Get Admin Password from Guest Account

Press shift key 5 times and the sticky key dialog shows up. This works even at the login screen. But if we replace the sethc.exe which is responsible for the sticky key dialog, with cmd.exe, and then call sethc.exe by pressing shift key 5 times at logon screen, we will get a command prompt with administrator privileges because no user has logged on. From there we can hack the administrator password, even from a guest account.

Guest account with write access to system32.

Following are the steps to Change Administrator Password from Guest Account:

  • Go to C:/windows/system32
  • Copy cmd.exe and paste it on desktop
  • Rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe
  • Copy the new sethc.exe to system32, when windows asks for overwriting the file, then click yes. When asked to overwrite, overwrite the sethc.exe
  • Now logout from your guest account and at the user select window, press Shift key 5 times.
  • Instead of sticky Key confirmation dialog, command prompt with full administrator privileges will open.
  • Now type “NET USER ADMINISTRATOR aaa” where “aaa” can be any password you like and press enter.
  • You will see “The command completed successfully” and then exit the command prompt and login into administrator with your new password.
    Congrats you have hacked admin from guest account.

Also, you can further create a new user at the command prompt by typing “NET USER ABC/ADD” where “ABC” is the username you would like to add with administrator privileges.

Then hide your newly created admin account by - Go to registry editor and navigating to this key
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList]

Here create a new DWORD value, write its name as the “user name” that you created for your admin account! Work is done

Apple and Google removed the app to Instagram, hundreds of thousands of stolen passwords

Apple and Google removed the app to Instagram, hundreds of thousands of stolen passwords. From the application store for the operating systems Android and iOS have removed one of the most popular third-party application for social network Instagram. Its creators are accused of stealing passwords and placing images on the tape users without their knowledge, reports The Verge.

Apple and Google removed the app to Instagram, hundreds of thousands of stolen passwords

Appendix InstaAgent collects data about your account and password, and then sent them unencrypted on unknown servers. This became known thanks to one iOS-developer who shared his unexpected discovery on Twitter. Several hours later, as the news is widely sold on the Internet, Google and Apple have taken action and removed the app from the store.

The administration Instagram reminded that it is not advised to use third-party development to access your account in the photosets. InstaAgent managed to become popular and to climb to the top spot ranking on Google Play and AppStore, allowing users to see who comes to their profiles.

Proof Google Tricks To Improve SEO

I share some tricks to test Google to enhance the SEO of your blog, it is a strategy that algorithms are not penalized. The only thing is that you spend a little time if you really want good results with the SEO of your projects.

I'm not much given to share some secret tricks that we use to position While our blogs, more if it means to cheat another website (never to Google), perform some actions to test Google that will strengthen your inbound links continuously and create very authoritative pages within your website.

Proof Google Tricks To Improve SEO

Why think about Google and its algorithms At Work SEO

If you do not think about the functioning of this important search engine, we can not succeed in SEO. You need to know the practices penalized, those operating or not and as a key factor meet the trends of different algorithms, this gives you the advantage of working ahead and be rewarded with better positioning whenever a change occurs.

We have several publications, one is about the most important factors for SEO. It includes key recommendations for positional naturally in Google. We also have a very broad: Making a good SEO work ", anyway let's what we came to several tricks you can easily do to best position your blog. SEO tricks by which you can not Penalize

1 Directories - Reciprocating Links Blogs

Before you criticize or think badly, read and understand the trick we know that reciprocal links are bad for SEO, more blog directories that usually do ask from your home (you get one from a new page posca authority and will demand the strongest one from your blog page, the home). The trick is to put it then that your blog is approved, then you remove the link!

It is to cheat a little (unethical, but also good for your ranking). Most blog directories threaten you with reciprocal links to check the permanence of the link, but almost never do, the trick is to leave several days or weeks (with some, can be removed as soon and you add).

Actually, we will not pergudicar directory as it remainders many links (some to your home page and other contents to our profile or where you are in link to our web) using the following points:

2- Profiles Communities Blogs

You may have several profiles in blog communities, even those like the previous case asking for a reciprocal link and naturally in those sections is the link to your blog. What we have to do is provide authority that profile:

A) share on social networks.
B) Put the links to profiles on your Google+ profile.
C) Put it anywhere you sign up for your links section.
D) In ​​a post to mention that site and link (if it is from your blog, it's a dofollow link).
E) To give an example from above: "One of my profiles ". On this site all the links that you put on your profile are dofollow and publications can put your links as you want (and in your articles, the links are nofollow). The good thing is that within this community every comment carries a dofollow links, ie .

3- profiles on social networks

The vast majority of social networks give you nofollow links, but the important thing is that they are good authority sites and transfer that authority to your website. These profiles the work with the same recommendations of the above, and to give them life according to people in the industry (regarded as an authority on your subject), eventually many will follow too.

4- Internal Links

Once inside the blog or website that we want to position, we can make a trick SEO very good: We create original content that is controversial (those that cause comments, the shares being or linked achieving viral dissemination thereof), that content is We link up with no more than two internal inputs that relate to the same home and the web.

The trick is adoptable good authority, the same that will be transferred automatically to the pages with links. It also works to create new content to link with old post that we want better positioning.

5- Having one or more links of great authority

We know that the subject of SEO are worth a few links of great authority many of walking. With the above points we can increase the authority of our links, but do not forget to look for other weighty. Links have much authority is ensuring you have a strong web, it is difficult to penalize by an attack of negative SEO or some mistake you make SEO work on this project.

A SEO trick that I have pending an article is to seek to be seen on a subject of which the public at the famous web "Wikipedia", those who lack reference, edit it and try to sneak a link to one of my blogs-

How To Make Money With A Blog With AdSense monetized?

We give you 10 tips to make more money in your blog if you are implementing Google AdSense advertising, we have many recommendations on this site, but it is good to remember the good instructions and for that I share this post.

How To Make Money With A Blog With AdSense monetized

How to Make Money With Google AdSense on your blog?

There are many recipes to really make good money from advertising Google AdSense and not good to talk about if we have no experience so if you have or think monetize your blog with it, you should read these tips to ensure that your venture is profitable.

Many people find it easy to find profitable niches and uncompeti (it's the best we can do), but not everyone knows focus their efforts on what really given good results. That said, the first thing you have to do is identify those niches where we can position well on many search keywords and pay per clik which is good, say more than 50 cents!

Recommendations To Earn More With AdSense Advertising

I present 10 recommendations to monetize very well with your blog with Google AdSense, but if we approach it in another way, it can also be the detallarte 10 errors that can be committed or that in the future could make if you do not follow the advice in this guide !

What are those good recommendations ?. Then I leave the top 10 guidelines for your blog to be profitable with this advertising:

1- The best location for your ads

Nobody doubts that make a good location of the blocks or boxes of ads is vital to generate good income with this advertising or otherwise. A good tip is to place Adsense in the most visible places of your web site, this way we ensure more clicks, and talking about it, the best areas to place these ads are:

A) - The head.

B) - The upper area of ​​your Sidebar.

C) - The upper left area of ​​your publication and if it is a format that fills all the better.
D) - Within the content. Many bloggers and users do not like them, but worth it.

2- Post regularly on your blog

If you want strong position your blog and create a community of readers willing to support your project, you must not only publish relevant content and very good quality, but it must do so on a regular basis. In short we can tell you the following:

Organic traffic from Google and other search engines + a good community of readers Visits = = = Good Ad Clicks earned money with Google Adsense on your blog.

3- Write consistently

Make sure your publications are understandable, they try these on a specific topic and that is easily identifiable. The reason is obvious: Google Adsense uses a robot that scans your page, thus determining which ads to show. If the Google AdSense robot will get confused and can not clearly identify what the page is, you can not actually show relevant ads.

4- Create good headlines

Your headlines should include keywords from the article. These keywords also greatly influence the analysis that make the robots Adsense contextual ads to display on your page. Identifies keywords well paid, that you can do using the Google AdWords tool.

5- Always show alternate ads

You not always have the same demand for ads, so it's possible that at some point Google has no relevant ads to show or for some reason can not analyze well your page to display ads related. It is a guarantee to always display advertising on your blog, if not relevant as to generate clicks, it will be to give you a few cents per print.

6- Never Clicking on your own ads

AdSense is very careful of the interests of advertisers and do not allow any kind of fraud, we know that it is very common for new bloggers to monetize this advertising are eager to see money in their accounts, but avoid accidental clicks up to not losing your mind.

7- Never violate the rules of AdSense

Not only is the famous song by clicking on your own ads, but also there are other rules you must follow so we suggest do what almost no one does: read the terms of use and all the information and guidance that offers Google Adsense.

Google Adsense, like any other company, has its rules. If you violate any of them, let me tell you run the risk of losing all your income accumulated so far, but more than that, that your account is disabled, and be marked on the black list of AdSense for life.

8- Do not try to Highlight your ads

Many bloggers to monetize with AdSense make the mistake of highlighting their ads, but is proven by studies, that advertising works best when viewed so that it fits with the content and design of the Blog. If you fit the web, visitors will clik with greater confidence as may think they are part of the content.

9. Remember to measure the performance of your ads

This advertising allows you to set your own criteria for monitoring. The monitoring criteria allow you to measure the performance of each ad or special page of this form to view your balance, you will have the information on how much money generated each specific ad or each format.

10- Generate good traffic or visits to your blog

We know that without traffic no clicks and not earn money with this or any advertisement that you put on your blog. Here are some tips for a good number of visitors on your pages:

A) - Being consistent is your publications: No matter if your blog is on a micronicho, where we always have to grow and a number of publications in your blog and shared on your social markers are good source of traffic. Important to note contents that are interesting and a lot of people are searching the Internet.

B) - Optimize your blog SEO par. We do not mean you have to become an SEO , but at least, must know and apply the basics of SEO to get traffic and user experience sufficient to be able to have a really profitable blog with AdSense.

A good tip (for those who know little about SEO), is to learn as much as possible of the experts and never, but never, implement a practice penalized by Google. At this point it is important to understand that your position should be or at least, should be natural.

C) - Promote your blog in different social networks. They are very good Google+ and Facebook, but there are hundreds of social networks in which you do not get much traffic to your website, but if a link quality and although from Google say they do not help the search engine optimization, the truth is that all experiments They say yes!

Remember that with a little knowledge and some work you can get your business online with a blog, this project will be profitable if you can be able to do things well and with Google AdSense have a golden opportunity.

Google AdSense - Good advice

1. First and foremost - read carefully before registration rules for participation in the Google AdSense (even better than 2-fold). Memorize them and never break. For violation of the rules of the administration of the program has the right to ban your account forever. So if in doubt about something - better once again look at the rules.

Google AdSense - Good advice

2. Note the link unit. It consists of a block of a given size to sponsored links. These links are similar in theme to your website, so should cause interest of visitors. If you correctly place a block on the page (you can place no more than 1 unit per 1 page), it is sure to bring you additional income.

3. In no case can not click on your own ads and asking friends to do it. These actions are prohibited by the rules of the program. AdSense has the tools to fix such actions. This may lead at least to the fact that these clicks will not be counted, and a maximum (in the case of repeated violations) to close the account without payment of earned and without the right of recovery.

4. It is forbidden to call to click on the ads
, you have to use labels such as "Click here!" "Everyone clicked - gift", etc., as well as various graphic elements whose aim is to attract the attention of visitors to the ads: pointers and arrows etc.

5. Account registering for one site, you can use it to host an unlimited number of ads on its own sites. And those other sites moderators AdSense will not be viewed. You will simply generate the code and paste it on your other sites. The code for all sites overall.

6. Use custom URL-channels and to create code for your AdSense. Channels allow you to track which pages ads more often, and how visitors click through the channels more.

7. Place the different versions
of AdSense ad units on the page (horizontal, vertical, square) and compare the results. Over time, you can define what options blocks have the highest click through to the site. Hence, the increase in profits.

8. On the same page can be placed not more than 3 ad units.

9. In order to increase profits, try to increase traffic to your site. Because the number of moves will directly depend on the number of visitors to your site. Well, the more clicks the more you can earn.

10. Do not select the ads Google AdSense or the scope or the background color (this is configurable in your account when you generate the code for the ads). Let them look like part of your site and not the ad unit. Then, your users will click on the ads, because quite a few annoying hype.

11. At present, the only way of getting money from AdSense for inhabitants of the CIS is a check once a month which is sent to the address that was provided during registration. A check will be sent only to those who earned $ 100 a month (or more). Otherwise, the amount collected and transferred to the next month). The check can be cashed at any major bank (in this case you will be charged a commission, and will have to wait 1 to 3 months). This operation is called a collection. However, AdSense is testing a new, more convenient ways to pay and in the near future they will be available to all residents of the CIS. And there are convenient online services. Search taxis :)

12. For best results, we recommend you to experiment and compare the results. So you can achieve greater profits to 40%.

Problems With SEO and Your Blog Traffic?

May well have serious problems with traffic to your blog or website, positioning the issue is becoming increasingly difficult, Google is behind the SEO and not as experts or simply do not cheat to rank well have difficulty compete and make their projects profitable.

This publication contains a series of tips, advice that will help you solve some problems that do not allow your blog up positions in the results of web search engines is collected.

Problems With SEO and Your Blog Traffic?

Blog with little traffic or unprofitable and losing positions in Google, Relax!

It is very common that we have problems with a blog, whether an algorithmic penalty, be victims of so-called Google Dance, etc. The truth is that when we lose positions in the ranking, traffic is reduced and the blog is not as profitable, it is time to relax and take it easy!

Panic is the worst counselor in haste, the current can lead us to make more mistakes (of those that damage the web), but there are times when without making any mistakes can lose positions, trafficking and money with the mere fact that Google makes his famous dance in which changes the positioning of some keywords just to see how the user reacts to the new page you visit.

The famous dance Google is also used to see if the webmasters are trying to alter the positioning of your pages artificially. If Google lowers your various positions and immediately you put 50 or 100 links to give strength to your website, it is time that Google may catch you as a cheater so we must be cautious and see what is really going to not have a more serious problem as an algorithmic penalty or worse, a manual.

What to Do When our Blog does not grow or Lose Positions?

The truth is that the worst thing that can make a blogger is frustrated, get crazy when he sees his blog comes in chopped or that efforts to position it better and make it profitable seem to yield results. It's time to turn off the computer and go for a walk without even thinking you have trouble with your blog, share with friends and family, and you clear your mind has a good analysis of what is really going on:

1- Look into Google Webmaster Tools if you have any manual action.

For some malpractice SEO Google could have made you a visit and as a result get a penalty, look at this tool if that is the case. If so, identify and correct the cause, then ask for a reconcideración.

2- Check the quality of your inbound links, you might be doing SEO negative.

Analyze your incoming links, the negative SEO exists and you can be a victim of it, check out the links and those to be harmful have to authorizations (possibly see changes in the next algorithm update Google Penguin).

3- Look for information on the Internet about a change in the Google algorithm.

When I see radical changes in the positioning of my projects (whether positive or not), the first thing I look for is whether Google updated its algorithm, if so try to adjust to the new requirements of this.

4- Analyze your blog with a tool and see if you lost some links.

On occasions there are blogs that are deleted by Google, sites that no longer exist, pages webmasters erased their projects or simply edited (for example, all lost our links in blogosphere by changes in this web), when this happens web pages it or lose authority and we must compensate with new incoming link of similar quality.

5- Check your outbound links dofollow.

Any website which may put one link is disreputable and was recently penalized by Google, in which case you have to remove that link or do dofollow. Create the habit of only link to reputable sites, original sources and content of good quality.

6- Look how your competition has grown.

It is possible that the only thing this happening is that your competition is like winning the race in terms of SEO by: generating links, constantly updated, original content and high quality, etc.

7- Meet the operation of search engines and follow the trends of algorithms.

By knowing how the subject of SEO, we can have an advantage over those who do not devote enough time to do a good SEO work, follow the trends of algorithms and never be afraid of an update of them. By working with the trends we will always be happy with an update algorithms as we will benefit either because you did your job well or because competition goofed.

8- Do not post for publishing

I have hundreds of items in a network of blogs, some only serve to strengthen certain keywords, but others are the ones that really give me my traffic and make profitable projects. Investigates the issues that your users are looking for and that your website has the strength to position well in Google and write about them.

9. Promote your articles

Introduce your posts on social networks gives you the advantage of others to comment and share, also they know you as a blogger. Use the groups, communities, profiles and fan pages to promote your content, it is possible that you generate comments and links you need to better position in different search engines.

10- Improve your blog or website

Since the use of an unattractive template, sea optimized for display advertising or SEO, there are many things that can affect your blog or website and so be having some problems:

a) If you want to see how professional and if you want your content easy to read, you should use a template that looks good (not to frighten the user), use a size readable font as we not all read letters very small or simply do not want to strain your eyes.

b) advertising (to make money with your blog), we use templates that allow implementing good ad formats, from a white background, a lot better. If your ads (especially text) see themselves as part of the website, they will receive more clicks.

c) There are many templates, mostly free, with many links to sites their creators, force dofollow link to your site are stolen. These links have to be eliminated or put dofollow.

Wolfenstein -The Old Blood

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - independent addition prequel to one of the good old games in the genre shuterny action in the first person about the adventures of an American soldier in a dark lair of Nazis.

Wolfenstein -The Old Blood

The game is set in 1946 in an alternate reality in which German Nazis, if not won a complete victory, then at least, still have the power, and, moreover, considerable. They are fanatical and, of course, talented scientists have made significant progress in the field of military development, so your hero waiting until this unexplored opponents such as elite soldiers, cyborgs and combat drones. 

The game consists of two parts. In the first you will carry out a large-scale mission Vulfenshteyn castle, and the second attempt to thwart the mad archaeologist mad on the idea of ​​dark artifacts found in a provincial German town.

Year: 2015
Genre: Action (Action)
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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