Proof Google Tricks To Improve SEO

I share some tricks to test Google to enhance the SEO of your blog, it is a strategy that algorithms are not penalized. The only thing is that you spend a little time if you really want good results with the SEO of your projects.

I'm not much given to share some secret tricks that we use to position While our blogs, more if it means to cheat another website (never to Google), perform some actions to test Google that will strengthen your inbound links continuously and create very authoritative pages within your website.

Proof Google Tricks To Improve SEO

Why think about Google and its algorithms At Work SEO

If you do not think about the functioning of this important search engine, we can not succeed in SEO. You need to know the practices penalized, those operating or not and as a key factor meet the trends of different algorithms, this gives you the advantage of working ahead and be rewarded with better positioning whenever a change occurs.

We have several publications, one is about the most important factors for SEO. It includes key recommendations for positional naturally in Google. We also have a very broad: Making a good SEO work ", anyway let's what we came to several tricks you can easily do to best position your blog. SEO tricks by which you can not Penalize

1 Directories - Reciprocating Links Blogs

Before you criticize or think badly, read and understand the trick we know that reciprocal links are bad for SEO, more blog directories that usually do ask from your home (you get one from a new page posca authority and will demand the strongest one from your blog page, the home). The trick is to put it then that your blog is approved, then you remove the link!

It is to cheat a little (unethical, but also good for your ranking). Most blog directories threaten you with reciprocal links to check the permanence of the link, but almost never do, the trick is to leave several days or weeks (with some, can be removed as soon and you add).

Actually, we will not pergudicar directory as it remainders many links (some to your home page and other contents to our profile or where you are in link to our web) using the following points:

2- Profiles Communities Blogs

You may have several profiles in blog communities, even those like the previous case asking for a reciprocal link and naturally in those sections is the link to your blog. What we have to do is provide authority that profile:

A) share on social networks.
B) Put the links to profiles on your Google+ profile.
C) Put it anywhere you sign up for your links section.
D) In ​​a post to mention that site and link (if it is from your blog, it's a dofollow link).
E) To give an example from above: "One of my profiles ". On this site all the links that you put on your profile are dofollow and publications can put your links as you want (and in your articles, the links are nofollow). The good thing is that within this community every comment carries a dofollow links, ie .

3- profiles on social networks

The vast majority of social networks give you nofollow links, but the important thing is that they are good authority sites and transfer that authority to your website. These profiles the work with the same recommendations of the above, and to give them life according to people in the industry (regarded as an authority on your subject), eventually many will follow too.

4- Internal Links

Once inside the blog or website that we want to position, we can make a trick SEO very good: We create original content that is controversial (those that cause comments, the shares being or linked achieving viral dissemination thereof), that content is We link up with no more than two internal inputs that relate to the same home and the web.

The trick is adoptable good authority, the same that will be transferred automatically to the pages with links. It also works to create new content to link with old post that we want better positioning.

5- Having one or more links of great authority

We know that the subject of SEO are worth a few links of great authority many of walking. With the above points we can increase the authority of our links, but do not forget to look for other weighty. Links have much authority is ensuring you have a strong web, it is difficult to penalize by an attack of negative SEO or some mistake you make SEO work on this project.

A SEO trick that I have pending an article is to seek to be seen on a subject of which the public at the famous web "Wikipedia", those who lack reference, edit it and try to sneak a link to one of my blogs-


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