How To Make Money With A Blog With AdSense monetized?

We give you 10 tips to make more money in your blog if you are implementing Google AdSense advertising, we have many recommendations on this site, but it is good to remember the good instructions and for that I share this post.

How To Make Money With A Blog With AdSense monetized

How to Make Money With Google AdSense on your blog?

There are many recipes to really make good money from advertising Google AdSense and not good to talk about if we have no experience so if you have or think monetize your blog with it, you should read these tips to ensure that your venture is profitable.

Many people find it easy to find profitable niches and uncompeti (it's the best we can do), but not everyone knows focus their efforts on what really given good results. That said, the first thing you have to do is identify those niches where we can position well on many search keywords and pay per clik which is good, say more than 50 cents!

Recommendations To Earn More With AdSense Advertising

I present 10 recommendations to monetize very well with your blog with Google AdSense, but if we approach it in another way, it can also be the detallarte 10 errors that can be committed or that in the future could make if you do not follow the advice in this guide !

What are those good recommendations ?. Then I leave the top 10 guidelines for your blog to be profitable with this advertising:

1- The best location for your ads

Nobody doubts that make a good location of the blocks or boxes of ads is vital to generate good income with this advertising or otherwise. A good tip is to place Adsense in the most visible places of your web site, this way we ensure more clicks, and talking about it, the best areas to place these ads are:

A) - The head.

B) - The upper area of ​​your Sidebar.

C) - The upper left area of ​​your publication and if it is a format that fills all the better.
D) - Within the content. Many bloggers and users do not like them, but worth it.

2- Post regularly on your blog

If you want strong position your blog and create a community of readers willing to support your project, you must not only publish relevant content and very good quality, but it must do so on a regular basis. In short we can tell you the following:

Organic traffic from Google and other search engines + a good community of readers Visits = = = Good Ad Clicks earned money with Google Adsense on your blog.

3- Write consistently

Make sure your publications are understandable, they try these on a specific topic and that is easily identifiable. The reason is obvious: Google Adsense uses a robot that scans your page, thus determining which ads to show. If the Google AdSense robot will get confused and can not clearly identify what the page is, you can not actually show relevant ads.

4- Create good headlines

Your headlines should include keywords from the article. These keywords also greatly influence the analysis that make the robots Adsense contextual ads to display on your page. Identifies keywords well paid, that you can do using the Google AdWords tool.

5- Always show alternate ads

You not always have the same demand for ads, so it's possible that at some point Google has no relevant ads to show or for some reason can not analyze well your page to display ads related. It is a guarantee to always display advertising on your blog, if not relevant as to generate clicks, it will be to give you a few cents per print.

6- Never Clicking on your own ads

AdSense is very careful of the interests of advertisers and do not allow any kind of fraud, we know that it is very common for new bloggers to monetize this advertising are eager to see money in their accounts, but avoid accidental clicks up to not losing your mind.

7- Never violate the rules of AdSense

Not only is the famous song by clicking on your own ads, but also there are other rules you must follow so we suggest do what almost no one does: read the terms of use and all the information and guidance that offers Google Adsense.

Google Adsense, like any other company, has its rules. If you violate any of them, let me tell you run the risk of losing all your income accumulated so far, but more than that, that your account is disabled, and be marked on the black list of AdSense for life.

8- Do not try to Highlight your ads

Many bloggers to monetize with AdSense make the mistake of highlighting their ads, but is proven by studies, that advertising works best when viewed so that it fits with the content and design of the Blog. If you fit the web, visitors will clik with greater confidence as may think they are part of the content.

9. Remember to measure the performance of your ads

This advertising allows you to set your own criteria for monitoring. The monitoring criteria allow you to measure the performance of each ad or special page of this form to view your balance, you will have the information on how much money generated each specific ad or each format.

10- Generate good traffic or visits to your blog

We know that without traffic no clicks and not earn money with this or any advertisement that you put on your blog. Here are some tips for a good number of visitors on your pages:

A) - Being consistent is your publications: No matter if your blog is on a micronicho, where we always have to grow and a number of publications in your blog and shared on your social markers are good source of traffic. Important to note contents that are interesting and a lot of people are searching the Internet.

B) - Optimize your blog SEO par. We do not mean you have to become an SEO , but at least, must know and apply the basics of SEO to get traffic and user experience sufficient to be able to have a really profitable blog with AdSense.

A good tip (for those who know little about SEO), is to learn as much as possible of the experts and never, but never, implement a practice penalized by Google. At this point it is important to understand that your position should be or at least, should be natural.

C) - Promote your blog in different social networks. They are very good Google+ and Facebook, but there are hundreds of social networks in which you do not get much traffic to your website, but if a link quality and although from Google say they do not help the search engine optimization, the truth is that all experiments They say yes!

Remember that with a little knowledge and some work you can get your business online with a blog, this project will be profitable if you can be able to do things well and with Google AdSense have a golden opportunity.


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