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Every bloggers dream his blog is on 1st page or higher page rank. RSS submission can boost your blog's ranking considerably if the directory, to which you are submitting your blog, is of high page rank and high authority. When you submit your blog to any RSS directory, your recent posts are fetched automatically and backlinks are created from those directories whenever you post something new on your blog. So you don't need to do a lot of work for building backlinks for each and individual posts when you submit your blog to some reputable RSS directories.
I have compiled a list of 25 high page rank RSS directories which accept free RSS submission. Furthermore, many of these directories even don't ask to register or verify your details, so they don't waste your time and you can submit your blog in no time.

Here is the list of these RSS directories. I hope that these sites will surely help you in boosting your blog's ranking in SERPs, as well as will refer some visitors also. PR7 PR6  PR6 PR5 PR5 PR5 PR4 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR3 PR2 PR2 PR2 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0 PR0

So go there and submit your blog URL to each of these directories. As second PR update of 2013 is near, so these directories can help you in getting a better PR.

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