Simple Blogger Tips and Tricks For Traffic

Simple Blogger Tips and Tricks For Traffic

Blogging becomes a huge new phenomenon now because many people out there wants to make money simply from blogging. If you are one of these peoples, to make money from your blog you need to drive web traffic to it. Here's how to attract traffic in two hidden tricks no one will told you.

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Trick 1: Publish only good contents all the time.
What actually a good content is? It has many different meaning for different bloggers.
However, the main criteria of a good content are the one that makes people feel good. So if you are a blogger, you need to write your blog post to make your reader feel good.
You need to learn the skill. To make you professional in performing that skill, you need to practice consistently. Please take an hour or two polishing your skill in writing original good contents.
The good factor used as a start is to produce a lot of how-to articles.

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Trick 2: Drive targeted traffic from top 3 sources only.
The top three sources are article marketing, blog commenting and forums. You need to become highly active in doing all three.

During your initial months of blogging, do not use any other way to promote your blog. Just focus on previous threes sources I told you before. When done with a focus, the result will make you happy.

Sign up for a free account in top article directory. They have certain rules but if you follow to rules and you always produces good article, you can get more traffic when people click on your profile in the resource box.

Become the first reader to give comment in any new posts in the blogs you loyally followed. You will get more traffic to your blog when many readers click on your name in the comments box. It will add number of incoming links to your blog too, thus helps your blog to build good page rank at the same time.

By Lia Nadia Qistina 

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