Google AdSense Best New Ad Formats

Google AdSense Best New Ad Formats

Google AdSense surprises us with new ad formats in the June edition of AdSense Insider we are informed of these developments, and I tried one of them and the truth is that I'm making a lot more with this advertising system to implement block billboard ads.

In my experience with my blogs, the new ad format (billboard) is the best, most profitable, cup conversion of my blogs has increased by up to 100%. The other format is one that does not yet dare to try since it is a very big vertical, but one of these days I try it on one of my sites with higher traffic and then tell them.

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New ad sizes, is equal to new advertisers. Google's goal is to increase the flexibility of our ad units with new block sizes billboard ads (970 x 250) and Portrait (300 x 1050). Try them on my blog to find out how these sizes can help increase the number of bids from advertisers for your ad space.

I recommend that each editor of Google AdSense, staying aware of changes and updates to this advertising program, Google often provides news about their products and can also change the terms and conditions of use. We must be up to date news regarding AdSense and thus ensure compliance with the rules and also know of new ad formats that can make our blogs more profitable web sites.
Best Formats Google AdSense Ads

The best formats are always those that are wider and standing over our tickets, that's the advantage of the new billboard ad (970 x 250). It has the feature to change depending on demand ad, so often you see it become a box 250 x 250 and then automatically change to 970 x 250.

For those who like the big banner in its columns, the new block (Portrait 300 x 1050), is a very good option, but I prefer to keep using the rectangle 300 x 250 and if the template allows, because the better the 280 x 350. formats are good ads that convert well and good ads that generate clicks cost, as the demand from advertisers is a lot for such formats.

The recommendation is to leave them with configuration standard color matching the template, thus text ads will be shown as natural links of the website and will be more effective. Also leave the combination of text and image propaganda competition between advertisers and ensuring that ads are displayed higher monetary value.

These are common questions on the web, such as: how to make more money with Google AdSense, do you pay, better ad formats, The pay for clicks and impressions, etc??. The better question would be what are you doing to have a successful, profitable blog with Google AdSense?. In this blog there is much quality content for everyone who really wants to make money with this advertising.

Publications and optimize your content to achieve good positioning, ways to generate traffic, and tips to achieve your profit goals by implementing advertising on your blog. I invite you to read the various publications, to comment and ask questions on the subject. In my early days, wrote 8 items per day and had no traffic, write one a day now and I is going well.

I mean that in the same way that we talk less and listen more, we should devote more time to dedicate to learning the writing. Investigate everything about your business, learn about SEO, and the topics covered in this and our other blogs, recommended test formats announcements and you will realize that you can live with Google AdSense advertising.

I await your comments and questions on the topic: "Google AdSense: Best New Ad Formats". The New Google Ad Formats AdSense Are More Profitable.

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