Top Tips How to Make Money With Google AdSense

Top Tips How to Make Money With Google AdSense

That it is very easy to make money with Google AdSense and that there is no secret, but knowing how to use this product. Some things you need to know to really make good money with Google AdSense if you have a blog or monetized web page with this advertising.

The first thing to know is that keywords in English are best paid. If you can have a website in this language would be easy to make money, and as a joke, but as I say joking seriously is because the council do a good English course if you are interested and have not mastered the language.

Someone gave me the advice to write articles in Spanish and use a translator online and my answer was that the translators discuss many mistakes and that Google penalizes inconsistent content and also users would not see well, what I said would devise the translate a person who knows the English language well.

Several Tips to Use Google AdSense

It is essential to have basic knowledge of SEO, well if we position our website traffic we need to have a profitable blog with this advertising. Look no issues that you want to share but what people search and this theme is just competed, this way you can position well and get good traffic to your website.

Optimize your content well, taking into account their quality, keyword density, which is not more than 2 or 3% and not less than 1.5%, uses bold, quotation marks, italics and underlined words.

If you choose topics that produce a competitor ads, they fight each other to appear on your website, show Google AdSense those that are relevant and which are better paying at that time is possible. The ads go through an auction system in which the highest bidder wins.

A good web optimization really fast loading pages whose upload speed is very slow positioned less and have higher rate of rebound of its users so they end punished with better positioning.

Use ad formats that Google AdSense recommends, they also tell you that depending on your site, these recommendations may vary, but a point that remains is placing ads where they are quick and easy visibility, which are the top pay better by allowing you to earn more money.

Try qualified traffic that is interested in your content and therefore may have the intention of using your advertising. The fruitless clicks may further lower the value of the same and may even cause a company to tell Google AdSense do not take into account your blog or website to place.

Take care of yourself, do not cheat because Google will notice, or if no advertisers. Earn a lot of money doing your job. 

I await your comments and suggestions for topics, help me to know what you want to read in this blog, share this article and leave your contribution to the web.


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