Google Adsense Tips for New Bloggers

Google Adsense Tips for New Bloggers

Many seek Secrets And Tips For Bloggers With Google AdSense, the truth is that what is needed is good information and put it into practice if we want to make good money with our blogs, I invite you to read this publication if you have or plan to monetize your website.

First of all I must tell you to make your venture into something that you really passionate about, that subject you enjoy work that allows you to better fluidity and naturalness at the time of writing, it is important to always look fresh information and research task is facilitated if Sorry passion for the subject.

If you have your blog set up and monetized with Google AdSense is very important that you follow a series of practical and useful tips to ensure profitability. Actually there are no secrets, no information available yet know. Here are some tips to make money with Google AdSense advertising.

Tips To Make More Money With Google AdSense

1 - Ad Formats: used formats recommended for your web ads, not all sites work well with certain ad formats we chose, so please see recommended while experiment making changes to see which are the get better results.

2 - Write about topics very competed in placing ads: this does not mean that if we talk business owner will have a lot of competition on the web, but between your keywords are keywords for which the sponsors are paying well .

When the owner has a lot of competition, he is willing or forced to pay more to go first. You can use Google AdWords tool to estimate the value of keywords.

3 - Have a policy of publication of content: it is true that Google AdSense keeps track of users through cookies on the browsers you use and you can save your log web activity, especially that we do when we are activated, but seeks to address the issues that are closely related to the theme of your blog and avoid poisonous Freses that can cause unwanted ads on your website.

Such as contextual ads, the owner of the publication will have plenty to do with the ads. Also influence the blog title and URL. The important thing is that Google does not always know who I go to your website and have a track as that user will have to show relevant ads based on your search query, how to get to your post.

4 - Generate massive traffic but relevant: the secret is not only massive traffic, but this truly interested in your content with the practice of generating visits from all over and of all possible forms, not always work well. If you generate a high rate of rebound in the end your blog will get less and less profitable position.

An example is the traffic of social networking, this is very good and even help to SEO, users often share content, comment and others, but many put misleading links to attract the visit which in the end we end bouncing.

5 - Works for the user and not for you: logically to work for your readers you're, you're also doing it for you, the point is to give the information that your users want to see, which they seek.
With Google AdWords you can see the number of queries for different combinations of keywords, research the competition which we confirm to do a search on Google and based on that information, create an article.

6 - Do not be lazy, write good articles: write good articles that are original, or helps you achieve better positioning. A good tip is to write posts of at least 500 words, Google already provides for the criminalization of entries from 200 to 300 words.

If your article is interesting and allows retention of the visit for a few minutes on your website, it helps you positively to SEO. We know that Google calculates the average time spent in a website, the longer it will be understood that the blog or website is more interesting.

7 - Link your content each correctly: that is what I will do at the end of this publication, recommend using a link on words that are in the title of this article and complement the information. That will also tell Google that within the blog is no more relevant information that supports or supplements this entry.

The idea is to keep the check within the web as long as possible, so that your content and links the search bar put in a visible place. If a more personalized search engine, the visit could go to another site, but clicking on your ad, which by the way is something you should never do.

A second link could be similar to a reputable website that has content to support this information. That site should not be one to which a link exchange done since then Google will mosque. Never recommend exchanges, but if you have that they are not reciprocal.

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