This Flexible screen (AMOLED) could reach watches and other products

This Flexible screen (AMOLED) could reach watches and other products

The portable technology or clothing begins to be getting bigger each passing month. With the advent of Google Glass, the Samsung Pebble Gear and everything has been taking shape and possibly explode with the arrival of Android Wear shortly.

Now PlasticLogic, the maker of electronic paper (ePaper) for e-readers and other devices has shown a new flexible screen that could eventually reach the smart watches, like other portable devices technology.

The latest innovation from the company proves to be a flexible AMOLED screen that can be used in different devices that require having a curved screen. The new flexible screen can play up to 256 different colors and a gray screen refreshed at 30 frames per second.

These features and their technology would allow video play without much trouble, in addition to other traditional tasks such as reading and view photo. Similarly, the company ensures that flexible displays are also much more resistant than normal, and that do not have glass that can break more easily bend and the ability to allow you to be more resistant to contact with different objects. Wait and see when it starts PlasticLogic everdad enter the portable market with its flexible display technology.

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