Hints and Tips - What's the Difference?

Hints and Tips - What's the Difference
Many people are very fond of handing out advice left and right. And even when one does not ask. I know how to do, I was just so - these words can often be heard from a counselor. Somehow, it seems that it was your advice and your intervention will solve the problem or question the other person. And if you do not give advice based on their experience (at best), or the experience of others (the daughter of a friend of my girlfriend was like that ...) - but man can not cope! Do not know how to do!

Recognize any of the surroundings? Or maybe you? :)

I'm not going to judge whether it is good or bad - to give advice. I just want to remind the important thing: giving advice a person takes responsibility for solution. Think about it - responsibility. But the same situations and the same behavior of people about them. As there is no single scheme to solve the problems (and how it would be handy). What came to me, may not suit you. And vice versa.

So what to do? Do not share your experience? To share. Not only advise and recommend. The Council encourages the act, and persistently. To act as it had once done counselor. A recommendation just shows the way to address the issue. You can listen to it, and you can skip past the ears (there comes to mind the eternal dispute with the traffic police - blue signs with the recommended speed, which they perceive as persistently restrictive). In this case, the choice is made the man himself. And the responsibility also lies with the. And would not blame you if your method it did not help.

The distinction between these two concepts is thin enough, but it is. I had also wanted to improve the world and the lives of their environment. And I gave advice. Fortunately, I was able to understand that not all and not always want to hear them. Just as I myself do not like uninvited advisers. And if you ask me, I think a few times before you answer the question. And, as a rule, in my answer sounds a little ways out of the situation. Recommended.

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