The Technology in the entertainment continues to grow and expand in Colombia

The Technology in the entertainment continues to grow and expand in Colombia

 The technology has spread everywhere and entertainment is one of the areas where it is used, and we are not referring to the technology used on stage, but you can use technology to the public.

When we go to a concert we can share our location with our friends to know that we are at a concert via Foursquare. This allows that if, for some reason, being a friend is in the same event we can communicate or at least find out.

We can share photos via Facebook, Twitter and even make small videos showing the concert using Vine.

Also, there are applications that allow you to organize your pictures and videos according to your location to make it easier to navigate your entire photo collection without having to search hard event images you love so much.

Moreover, before you can attend the event need to buy the tickets. We know several platforms allowing to do this, apart from the official site, but is now coming to Colombia choice that not only allows you to buy, sell your tickets but in that case you can not attend. Tickets to Colombia comes after achieving important things in countries like Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Brazil.

The missing bit to know buying time for the event or where to sell your tickets before an event or concert proves to be very useful because often something happens shortly before that event does not allow us to attend and you obviously do not want to lose our money.

After the concert or event, you can relive all lived with the videos you recorded on your phone, what you shared on social networks or even what other people shared by, for example, hashtags allow you to find information related on a same theme.

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