What Google Positions in 2014

What Google Positions in 2014
Matt Cutts was Wednesday at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, one of the largest SEO events worldwide. Here is a summary of points that have been of interest, you can expand if you know English abstract published in Jennifer Slegg Search Engine Watch. Matt loaded some myths, revealed the line that Google intends to follow of 2014 and gave us many clues as to what we should do to enable us to position Google in 2014.

Here are some points that commented

  • Search by voice, conversational search related and intelligent (Deep Learning)
  • Google Panda and Hummingbird
  • The Penguin and spam
  • Death of Page Rank

Update: For those who want to see the paper, I include the video. If someone subtitled it is and send me change

Deep Learning and Voice Search and Voice Search in Regular

Google realizes that your second search is probably closely related to the first , and is working on it . Knowing that most users do not go beyond the first page , but perform a second search to narrow the results. This is achieved by linking a word with others and considering them relevant . They call Deep Learning.

Also, when you do a voice search not looking like when you have to type but use a natural language as if you were talking to someone who is going to answer , which totally changes the keywords and how to find the right results for user . Let me give an example :

If you're looking over time ( meteorologic ) , it would be normal to say " What time ? " If now questions " Will it rain tomorrow? " Google wants to be able to recognize that this search is related to the earlier rather than new one. If after that questions "And in Tarragons? " Should show if it will rain tomorrow in Tarragons. When adding "And the weekend ? " Should show whether it will rain this weekend in Tarragons ...

Something reminiscent of science fiction films where people talk to computers as if they were a teacher .

Hummingbird Google Panda & Authorship

Do you realize I have not published anything about the absolutely new algorithm of Google ? That's because I feared it would be a bit useless, and Matt Cutts conference came to confirm it .

Matt said when he announced Hummingbird, and the change was a month in operation, and no one had noticed. Those are the facts , so no point in rushing to change what we are doing, but adapt to what will come in the future and continue to focus on high quality content , useful to the user . Although many blogs are saying the opposite , the impact has not been strong , but a qualitative change.

It also commented on the Panda: all you have to do to return to the rankings is continuously publish quality content. Another day I will explain how to turn this into a method that visits will gradually increase.

On Authorship neither said anything we know ( this article explains Authorship something, but should extend ), but has been confirmed several times that it is the favorite method of Google to determine the authority of an author (pun intended ) , gain visibility in search results (SERP ) and said that is the direction in which Google will continue to work .

And Google Mobile Search Results

On the impact of smartphones and tablets in the search results are said to be continuing to focus on this aspect , and clearly specify that the pages do not look good on a smartphone suffer a negative impact on their rankings from a mobile .

For example :

  • If your smartphone can not display Flash, you will not see on the results page with no flash.
  • If you abuse the use of Flash , you may not even show up. Google does not use Flash .
  • If your mobile web directs all traffic to the home page of the mobile version, instead of the mobile version of the requested page , you'll lose positions.
  • If your slow loading web on a mobile, you may like to Google when someone searches locate less from a mobile .

It is clear what this means : If your website is not mobile , Google will not bring mobile users. Webmasters mobility must prioritize their web immediately.

The Penguin Google , your anti -spam and advertising strategy

Then it was the turn of Google 's strategy to fight spam sites , ie , blogs or websites whose sole purpose is to display ads quickly recouped .

Confirmed that a measure of whether they are doing well is this : In Google start reading the forums looking for Webmasters BlackHat crying for their pages and AdSense niches . If they see that does not affect them , modify the parameters of the algorithm to be more cruel and more sensitive to detect such spam sites that are not useful to the user. When spammers cry and threaten them , they know they are doing biensu work (sic ) .

His work on certain keywords on " investment ", " safe" and pornography is also specific , Google knows that they are very profitable keywords and they tend to be persecuted by spammers , when the job seeker is that the results are free from useless websites .

On the penalties that may undergo web by excessive advertising also was clear: Google has penalized many newspapers in the U.S. and UK for failing to properly mark the infomercials , and will continue to penalize those who do not properly mark advertising to distinguish it from a pure story and trasnfieran Page Rank. When properly check paid advertising content , and the labels "nofollow" Google has no reason to penalize properly used.

The reds of blogs with the sole purpose of spamming or position , are also on the radar of Google , and continue to fall one after another.

The death of Page Rank

The Page Rank has officially dead.

Matt Cutts said clearly that the Page Rank , internally, is updated daily . Every three months or so (sic ) should make such information public via Google Toolbar , but unfortunately the code used to bring the data to the public part they broke, and have no one working on it. Matt Cutts ' words were that "we should not expect public updates Page Rank would soon , at least this year . " And I personally do not expect that this information back into the public domain , rather think that sooner or later Google announced that this situation is final.

However , the notice should be more than enough to know what to expect the public data. How much will be left as is, something that most webmasters expected.
Communication with Webmasters , Rich Snippets , JavaScript

Google tries to get closer to Webmasters: make new videos here talked about hacking and viruses, and are aware that not all owners of sites are clear and repair these problems. Matt also told that he is not the only face of Google , but with more than 100 events annually , Hantouts live forums and more.

JavaScript is another workhorse finder as one of the preferred forms of spammers to hide. Anyway if Google can read the java script getting better , we pointed out that we do take care of entire websites with java script.

The Rich snippets have also had their interesting fact: " The most reputable sites have visible Rich Snippets , and sites with a lower reputation 'll like yours are eliminated ."
Negative SEO

A case where a participant asked about the negative SEO Matts was seen . After analyzing the case was discovered that instead of bad links from the competition, had purchased bonds in 2010 , but only now discovered Google had to execute the penalty.

It's real, but Google insists that negative seo cases are very rare and usually the problems we create ourselves by themselves .

The future of Google
It was stressed again in the mobility and usability of a website.

Mobile traffic Youtube ah gained 6 % to 40 % in two years. There are even countries where there are already more mobile traffic than desktop computers. "If your website looks bad on a mobile , now is the time to fix it " , paying attention to the ease of filling out forms and tasks to be performed by the user.

Google learns to read !

Google working on a machine to teach their systems to read and understand an elementary school level . I do not know what I meant by this, but laboratories should be fun for programmers!

Authorship and AuthorRank will be powered by Google to prevent Spam , being a fulcrum to avoid Google Web positioned undeservedly , as it is much more difficult to create an identity with reputable ghost a website. They realize that eliminating the authors results of poor quality, the best authors would rise on results, thus improving the content offered by the search engine .
Black Hat and Pirates

Working on the next generation of detection hackers , this time it is not detecting BlackHat , illegal content but you would go to jail. Google does not want banned outcomes, such as child pornography, but said, "If you search Google filthy , entondes not want to find anything on Google "
The following algorithm penalty

The next generation of the algorithm will focus on sites with a lot of publicity , especially in those who have too much publicity Above The Fold (ATF , the area of ​​the website you see on screen without scrolling ), and remarked that the scripts will be penalized attempting to convince the robot that advertising is UTH ( Under The Fold, the area of ​​the web that is not shown if we do we move or scroll down).

Questions and Answers from Matt Cutts
Submitted press release or article directories

These sites are not penalized , they have their rationale, however stop broadcasting authority ( Page Rank ) to linked sites .
Infinite Scroll

Sites like Twitter and Facebook where the user can go down indefinitely pose a problem for some search engines. It is suggested to implement a system of links on the same page that allows access to all areas of the page without waiting for the infinite loading.
Does lots of content and lots of daily posts have impact on the charts ?

The answer used to Huffing ton Post as an example: Many authors mean number of daily posts , and suggested publishing as much as your audience expect to receive. ( Yes I play , to be published much )
In summary :

No summary . Each point in-depth analysis that no longer gives me time ( I 'm about to catch tendinitis ) would deserve , we will monitor experiments and results to see how they affect these tips Matt Cutts . Some can be interpreted as the way forward , and others can be seen as something that really positioned and that Google is afraid to do that would position really well .

If I have to be something with the power of Authorship. Your how do you stay?
If you come down here is that you liked ! Thank you !

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