How to Create a Good Logo for Your Blog?

How to Create a Good Logo for Your Blog

Did you just create your blog and you are thinking of creating a good logo for this? Below I will share some small tips and advice that will help you secure. But what is a logo or logo? For me without resorting to definitions book, a logo is the graphic representation of a brand so that it is iconically recognizable to your audience.

What requirements must have a good logo?

To create a logo for our blog to be unique, original, creative and most importantly that is representative of your blog, you must be patient and thorough, since it is a delicate and key process in many ways. So I leave these guidelines of conduct to create a logo that meets your needs as a blogger.

Your logo should be attractive: It seems obvious, but not always the effect of persuasion or attraction you want is achieved, so give returns to the central idea and focus as to make it attractive to the eye and the mind. For the public to remember your logo it must have struck first.

Your logo should "work" in black and white: You can create designs and assemblies thousand images to use as logo, but if that is not well in black and white icon is not enough as we wish. Overloading our plays against us, especially in this aspect designs.

Your logo should be recognizable and identifying your blog: Clearly, your logo should be the image of your blog, but you must have a relationship and a direct line with it, to be associated almost unconsciously and get well, to be recognizable to our customers. This part is really important, because here you must capture the essence of your blog and create a design to represent it deserves.

Steps to create the logo for your blog

Initial Brainstorming: I recommend you start writing on paper all the words, emotions or ideas that have to do with your blog, symbols or pictures that you would like to enter, colors, textures ... For all that creates a list and let stand a few days and read it out again and rewrite, that help you know what ideas are good and which are discarded, this process will make you go creating your own idea about the logo you want.

Scans and retouch your logo: Once we have created the sketches on paper, had to be scanned. That can be done in different ways, but I recommend scanning or working with a graphics tablet and spend the sketches directly to our PC to keep working on them. To convert from sketch to vector, we use programs that work with vectors, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, among many other programs. As is brooding and tweaks until a couple or three ideas that can be the ultimate.

Testing, testing: You have to try different fonts and colors, to find the most suitable for your blog. Make an impact, be consistent with your brand and colors that define it as it is, our objectives and the best way is to try and try, until you find the good. The key is to discover mistakes and successes, change to hit the mark.

Compare options and choose the final: Once we have the final proposals, we must take stock and choose which design best represents our blog, your attitude, your record, your style ... In short, choose one logo that meets your needs and those of your clients. Although I recommend you always keep in "beta" mode can always tweak things depending on the demands of the public or the feedback received, the important thing is to get something like (Minimum Viable Product).

Attach your logo to different media: Once we have our logo designed and created, we must adapt their characteristics depending on the substrate where it will be exposed. For example, in Google+ you need a different action on Twitter or Facebook, so I recommend that you consider this matter and you make sure you are implementing your logo or image in the best way for each bracket.

Power for a slogan to your logo: It is worth having a motto or slogan as a blog or brand, so think and design your battle cry, will give extra strength to your logo.

I hope these simple and easy guidelines to help you have a little more clear about the process of creating a logo for your blog, but keep in mind that you should follow your own instinct and how to develop your logo. As a good friend says: "Every logo has a different design process", he is dedicated to this post.

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