SEO Techniques 2014: 3 Performance Effective Links

SEO Techniques 2014: 3 Performance Effective Links

In addition to following linkbuilding strategy, an SEO must learn techniques to analyze the quality of what you have and what your competition is doing. An audit of correct links allow us to find out why our site has been penalized or why competition ahead of us in a key word or keyword.

There are three metrics that are key to an audit of our links:

  • Ratio-domains backlinks
  • Number of outgoing links
  • Anchor text (or anchor text)

Incoming vs. Links domains

First thing we do in the audit of our website is to locate inbound links. Specifically we need to know the number of inbound links to it.

To analyze the amount of enalces we can use any of the following tools:

  • Traffic Travis (Recommended for its many functions)
  • Majestic SEO
  • Market Samurai
  • Ahrefs
and many more to be discussed another day

Once we have the report of inbound backlinks pointing to us, we must count the number of websites linking to us. Then look at the links -domains ratio : Although you have many backlinks , say 400 links for a good keyword with little competition , but are only distributed in 7 domains, your linkbuilding strategy is not being very effective

A very high ratio of links and domains ( in the example of more than 56 to 1), which is the key focus efforts from now on your strategy to get links . Your first goal should be to diversify the maximum number of websites linking to you, and the next 50 links you should try them get 50 different domains. The importance of the link - ratio domains is twofold:

  • To the search engines ( and this also says Google ) too many links from the same domain are not worth more than a few links: 400 backlinks from the same domain can mean that you are very important to a domain but nonexistent for the rest of the net. If there are many chances are they have included a link in the sidebar , or through a " latest comments" or " most commented users " type widget .
  • Google , like other search engines may consider a lot of backlinks from the same domain as a practice of Black Hat SEO, as part of a wheel purchased links or backlinks : In any case , forced links that can take even a penalty.

Number of outgoing links

You must take into account the number of outbound links on pages for which you want to get links . You should not have a huge amount of links: Can you be telling Google that you're a cheap directory , a link farm , or you are involved in some form of selling backlinks.
Anchor Text or Anchor Text

Another very important factor is the anchor text should be varied and relevant keywords . Analyze the distribution of this text and see if any excess repeated because too heavy use of text will jump algorithm alarms Google and any other search engine . Remember that an anchor text that is repeated identically throughout hundreds of links is an indicator of a massive system of automatic links creation .
Be normal that the most repeated are your domain name without www , "click here ", " this link" or your author name . There is a limit considered normal only animals known as Google , but the farther we are from that limit will be best for our position .

If you want to add any comments , feel free to express yourself.

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