Use the side panels to help manage their online presence

Use the side panels to help manage their online presence

In the world of Internet has a lot of new tools and solutions that can be used for almost any kind of needs. Some are free, while others require a fee. For bloggers, there are third-party panel that improve the experience of managing a blog. These panels and desktop blogging software features, offer or functions that can not be present in the standard web panels typical blogs. They may offer many advantages, including the advantages in managing online presence.

Before discussing these benefits, here's an overview of what it means that the management of online presence. For most, it is likely to be equated with the online reputation management. These two phrases are not quite synonymous, though. Internet presence is broader and includes the process of drawing traffic to a website, a blog or a page that is the presence of the person, business, brand or person moves. This combination of different methods, including web design and development, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and history / link exchange. Reputation management can be part of the management of online presence. In addition, you'll probably be surprised at how third-party panel to understand all of them.

Bloggers can use the side panels to help manage their online presence with the help of the following ways:

1. Improving the efficiency and Integrated Analytics
As already mentioned, a third-party blogging panel can provide additional functions that are not available in standard panels of various blogging platforms. These features can help improve the blog. For example, most third-party panel of blogs allow you to create or edit messages offline. They only require an Internet connection for registration. This feature is certainly useful because it allows bloggers to continue writing or editing projects with the layout and images are saved from the draft letter to be published. While it is possible to write a text message in the blog alone, in Microsoft Word, for example, the images must be downloaded separately and formatting may not be convenient to copy inserted.

In addition, third-party blogs panel can be similar to something like Cyfe, in business all-in-one, social media and analytics dashboard. They can offer more than just a means to make it easy to create and edit blogs. Their features can significantly strengthen the monitoring blog, providing various types or interfaces to meet the different needs and preferences. They also provide tools for integrated analytics and pull and present their own data from more than 60 online tools you probably already use to perform various tasks.Cyfe pulls everything together to present their opinion you are most comfortable with and can understand better.

Integrated analytics is something, which might be lacking in standard panels or not as advanced. Analytics are very useful in the overall optimization, as well as numbers and graphs are generated to serve as a guide on what should be tweaked to improve traffic performance or blog income. Analyst, for example, can identify what topics and keywords get the most traffic, and should be the priorities.

Other possibilities offered by third-party boards or blogs of tools that could make for more efficient blogging are: the ability to make all links open in a new window or tab by default, cropping or resizing images, spreadsheet, planning messages and insert some elements of SEO such as descriptions that appear on the search engines for each post.

2. Social Media Marketing, Quick Link Sharing and SEO

Some of the third-party blogs come with Social Media Marketing features that make it very easy to promote their messages to friends or followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. This means you can automatically translates the message at the time of publication. Joint blog posts on social media is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic. This type of function is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of a third party blogs panel or desktop software. While this may not be as comprehensive and powerful as social media marketing management solutions designed for businesses, such as $ 99 Social, quite useful for bloggers who just want to share their content with potential readers on social media. In fact, $ 99Social great for adding a bit of "automation" (made-for-you) social media marketing strategy because they help small businesses maintain a presence online through the appropriate wiring and relationship management; allowing you to focus on other blogs tasks.

On the other hand, such a tool for social media marketing, some third party blogs panel also comes with features for instant blog post links and presentation of such links in the search engines for indexing. Search engines regularly scour the Internet for pages to index but if you want your page to be indexed more quickly, you may voluntarily submit their links and blogs have a third party panel that allow you to do it. There are also those that offer more features SEO, including suggestions for keyword optimization.

3. Integrated management of multiple blogs different platforms
Just like Trillian and other messaging applications that provide an integrated interface for multiple messaging platforms, party blogs third panel also make it possible to access multiple accounts in various blog platforms (WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, and many more) . This is undoubtedly useful in improving the online presence, as it makes it easier for the blogger or blog administrator oversight or control various accounts through a single interface. In this case, it becomes easy by providing to meet readers in different blogging platforms. It is only important to remember that it should not be used to copy or mirror the contents of blogs on different platforms, such as content mirroring or copying will definitely get angry Google and other search engines.

4. Contribute to the efficient access to multiple blog authors
Several blogs with different authors, are not uncommon. Third party panel that provide access to or the ability to place on different blogs is certainly useful. They should not be the same for all the dashboard authors. As long as they can provide the ability to place or to make some changes, they must be sufficiently the writer components The main components of Windows, such as might be an option for those who are accustomed to the interface of Microsoft Office. With his co-authors do not have to go to the standard dashboard. They can quickly post your articles inside a word processor Microsoft.

Having executive an online presence and growing a blog can be daunting for those who are not acquainted with the different tools that make the job easier. For bloggers, fortunately, there are many third party dashboards or desktop software that make blog draft preparation, posting, editing, sharing and general blog management easier and more systematic.

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