Microsoft sues the user who activated too often pirated Windows

Microsoft sues the user who activated too often pirated Windows
Corporation Microsoft, whose products rank as the most popular computer pirates, infrequently leads the persecution of individuals using counterfeit software. Previously CEO Satya Nadella even said that the pirates in certain circumstances may become users of licensed software.

Under this approach, Microsoft regularly conducts campaigns to combat piracy indirectly. So, in 2012, immediately after the release of Windows 8, the software giant offered a significant discount on the OS in a hundred countries. Then Belarus, in contrast, for example, Honduras was not included in the list, which operated the program, and since then the situation has not changed much.

Probably in Microsoft still decided to take more active steps to combat fraudulent users. According to TorrentFreak, the corporation has issued a lawsuit against the user (or users) American provider AT & T. The company's specialists have determined that a certain IP-addresses were carried out a significant amount of activation of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 10.

Many users prefer to pirated software, they find that they are difficult to calculate, however, argue at Microsoft, in reality it is not. The company is currently taking steps to identify the user, hiding behind a certain IP-address (, that he said, according to the law.

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