Pay As Google Adsense? And The Pay Per Click And On Impressions

Pay As Google Adsense? And The Pay Per Click And On Impressions

I know many entrepreneurs in the blogging activity pays wonder how Google AdSense? and it stands to reason that if we write for our websites or blogs, have an idea of ​​what the benefit for our work.

There are many websites and blogs that are monetized with this advertising system and fail to get good results and that is due to two factors, 1 words that pay very little, 2 little traffic and poor quality.

  Google takes into account several factors when paying which is very important to know this information and to achieve the best results with such advertising formats recommended from ads, keywords, number of impressions and click unproductive.

The first is that Google pays you a percentage of what you charge your customers and the percentage that round according to the data we have about 50% of what charges may be affected by the registration of unproductive click or rather that give users and do not have a conversion.

  Advertisers seek your users perform an action that goes beyond a simple visit, ie to register, buy something or antler simple I like a fan page and when this task is not achieved, payments click may be lower, webmaster Several have made the experiment with new pages and see the same ads that pay more in this.

Google AdSense has a record of everything that happens on your website with your advertising and as such gives monitoring, may decide to pay less or more for the click made ​​on your site, plus many ads only pay for impressions.

  Google AdSense Pay Per Click And You By Impressions

  The ads that pay for impressions, get paid according to the value of your website, a cup is set based on what you get in the average per click advertising only made ​​and the advertiser is willing to pay that rate is presented.

  Similarly always be on your blog or website, the ads are paying at that time better and fit your theme. If you choose to work the keywords that pay more money, it is clear that the monetary value of increased visits to your sponsors.

The owner of a blog or website, is solely responsible for what they create with Google AdSense as it has the opportunity to choose the topic for which to base your website and also Google provides free tools to achieve greater profitability.

   With Google AdSense According Cobras Win Or Your Theme

  Up to you to choose the topics for which you want to write and thus determine how much you pay Google AdSense, you just need to determine what those themes that pay better and to match your website. Inside Google AdSense you will see how much you are paying for impressions and how much each click is worth.

  This established a payment system that only allows you to collect a minimum of 100 pains and after 30 days have generated, payment methods vary from country to country, this way you can collect by means of a check, shipping or by bank transfer as is your place of residence.

  It is important in the application, put all your real data and provide complete information, this will facilitate the approval of the account and you avoid delays with your payments, Google AdSense pays and pays well.

  Many will tell you otherwise, but hundreds of thousands of sites across the internet world can not be wrong to use this system for advertising.


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