Share of Windows 8.x overcame the bar in 15%

Share of Windows 8.x overcame the bar in 15%
In October, the operating system Windows 8.x added pace and for the first time broke the figure of 15%. In September, we recall, it owned 12.26%, compared with August observed decline in the popularity of this operating system from Microsoft. Leadership keeps Windows 7 (it owns 53.05% of the market), an outsider Linux (1,41%).

Windows XP still holds, according to Net Applications, second place. Its share was 17.18% in October, against 23.87% in the first month of autumn. Soon she finally retires, she comes on the heels of Windows 8.x with the figure of 16.8% (10.92% for Windows 8.1 and 5.88% for Windows 8). Will the next release of Windows 10 on the popularity of Windows 7, while difficult to judge. Based on current trends, it may be the same "LP" OS, like Windows XP.

In the first five products prevail Microsoft, only the fifth place with a share of 3.66% was able to take a competing platforms - OS X 10.9. Her with 2.82% should be Windows Vista, which lost in comparison with the previous month (3.07%).

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