Microsoft held in Belarus share "Mystery Shopper": most of the pirates in Brest

Microsoft held in Belarus share
Microsoft has announced the results of the fall of the "Mystery shopping", to encompass computer retail in all regional centers of Belarus. The company noted that in comparison with 2012 the total share of pirated Windows in major retail chains fell from 35 to 19%.

"Almost all vendors offering counterfeit products are ready to install them directly on the spot, ignoring potential legal risks, and safety data of their clients. Most of the sellers gave recommendations abstract download unlicensed software on the Internet, but there were also those who offer phones specialist installer who will come to the customer and will help set the cracked programs, "- noted at Microsoft.

Employees of the company clarified that in Grodno, Mogilev, Vitebsk and Gomel in all control points currently offered only software. In Brest offers pirated versions of programs have exceeded the number of honest sellers. In Minsk, about 18% of vendors participating in the study, allow only install a pirated version of the operating system.

In Microsoft assured that the performance of your computer with pirated Windows operating systems with half the licensed OS. About 26% of pirated distributions contain trojans and viruses.

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