Microsoft Windows 9 comes out and introduces Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 9 comes out and introduces Windows 10

Microsoft introduced the new Windows 10, the new version of its popular operating system that is to become the only platform that is used in computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Microsoft introduces Windows 10, the next expected version of Windows 8.

True, Microsoft has forgotten Windows 9, the version we all expected as the version that would be responsible for correcting all aspects were not well received Windows 8 The reason for skipping version 9 of Windows would be part Microsoft's strategy to show the great change and new developments that brings Windows 10 compared to the previous version, Windows 8.

The latest version of Windows corrects many of the great reviews of Windows 8, including the return of the start menu, better behavior and improved multitasking applications that will be useful for those who use a touchscreen device or computer traditional.

Microsoft has managed to preserve some aspects of Windows 8 multitasking and adds new features and other enhancements that will almost certainly recover those business users and advanced users desktops.

The start menu is back

The new start menu is an advancement to previous menus and start that there will be present on both computers with "mouse and keyboard", as well as devices with touch screens. The left column is very similar to the traditional start menu of Windows 7 to the most frequently used applications appearance.

The right column contains live tiles. You can add any tile that column at any time by just dragging that column sobe, although applications that do not have live tiles functioned as a shortcut instead of a tile that shows information related to the application.

The new start menu can be resized and you can add as many tiles as you want in vivomo. In Windows 10, the Start menu size is limited only to the size of the screen or monitor. This functionality seems to respond quickly to resize, even when the menu already had a good number of live tiles.

The search box of the start menu also increases its functionality, allowing search from local files or applications to information on the Internet with the help of Microsoft search engine, Bing.

Multitasking: Task View (Task View)

One of the most attractive features of Windows is the ability to resize windows for better multitasking. Windows 10 improves on many aspects of this and introduces new feature called Task View (Task View). This functionality can be activated by pressing the View button in the Tasks toolbar or by sliding your finger to the left on touchscreens.

The Tasks view lets you see which applications are open and lets you easily resize your windows to place multiple windows on a single screen. Resize a window to the right side of the screen and Windows 10 shows you the other applications running on the left side so you can place in that part of the screen one of those applications or two of them to display three applications at once. You can also add other desktops to organize all your apps you are using. You can switch between applications by pressing the Alt + Tab command. You can have up to four applications open on one screen.
Windows and more windows

One of the biggest criticisms of Windows 8 was downsizing Metro applications versus traditional desktop applications.

In Windows 10, the Metro applications work as single windows of other applications (with button to minimize, maximize or close the application) and the Metro interface is now just become a full-screen application.
The future of Windows 10

Microsoft did not present all the latest Windows 10 during his presentation but the most important think in the moment and considering that this is the first preview version of Windows 10 is difficult to conclude as will the final version of Windows 10.

The new features of Windows 10 look very attractive and seem to be on the right path to the operating system that can run on any device regardless of the size of the screen or the display type.

Microsoft is taking Windows 10 in 2015 and says that the next version of Windows Phone will also carry the same name as Windows 10, but has not shown its new features if said if we could expect some drastic changes. Windows 10 for cell has an estimated output end of 2015.

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