How to become a freelance blogger?

How to become a freelance blogger

Greetings, dear readers! Today we will talk to our favorite subject - on the topic of blogging. I talked about a variety of things in this highly interesting field. Of course, talking about the amounts that receive Western authors, it is not necessary. But, nevertheless, the benefits of corporate conduct (and not only) blog can be a significant addition of your basic earnings.

Who are freelance bloggers?

It is the authors who are engaged in activities related to maintaining corporate blogs companies and individual blogs for a fee. Payment is taken or for each published material (text, graphics, photos, audio or video), or for a temporary period (usually one month). In the case of the last option specifies the minimum number of records published for the month.

With regard to the income of freelance bloggers, they are very different. In the West, the most popular authors take several thousand dollars for each published post. But, nevertheless, earn $ 300-500 a month, leading the corporate blog of any company, it is possible.

How to find the first customers?

At first glance, everything seems simple and logical. You need to find some successful, growing companies, which currently do not have a blog (or it is, but you know how to improve it). Next you need to make a good offer in order to impose its offer bloggers services. In the manual you need to clearly outline your potential customer all the benefits and (most importantly) BENEFITS corporate blog. In addition, you need to present yourself in the best possible light. After all, it is possible that such interested persons like you, a few more people (although the competition in this environment, we have practically none).

Next, here are a few important factors that have a positive impact on your "job":

Own successful blog. That is not your own successful blog can be a good indicator of your blogger opportunities. After all, if you were able to create and promote your own life, then it is likely that a corporate blog and your client too will be a success.

And anyway - how can you be sure that will cope with his new job, if you do it will never do? Who would not say that, and blogging - a very difficult process. Initially easily. But then, come up with new ideas for posts becomes very difficult.

Based on the above, I suggest the following. If you want to engage in the conduct of corporate blogs and make good on this, get your own personal blog, and prove to everyone and ourselves that there is something you are standing.

Write guest posts for popular blogs. After all, they are not only a source of much-needed (especially in the beginning) of links, but also open up new frontiers in dealing with corporate clients. Your credibility in the eyes of a potential customer will increase significantly, when he sees that your articles are published in the most popular Russian Internet blogs.

In addition, if you still do not have your own blog, guest posts can demonstrate to potential customers your true abilities. After writing and writing for the internet - it's a few different things.

Explore the theme of your client. If a customer will have a choice - take a blogger and take a blogger who understands the desired topic, what do you think, who will he choose? Everything is logical, is not it? In connection with this, I can recommend the following. Before you compose and send a potential client manual, properly read the sphere of activity of his company. And you will in the future work that will help. And in the eyes of the customer, you'll look like a real expert.

Explain to the customer why he blog. One thing is when you are aiming to conclude a contract with a client who wants to get himself a corporate blog. It's quite another - when the client did not even think. In this case, you need to also convince him that the blog is able to increase sales, make the company more recognizable, find new clients, etc.

Suggest to a potential client in order for the first few posts, explain how they will help us. In general, use all his persuasive skills. However, in this case, never exaggerate its features. Do not promise to the customer that is not able to perform.

Cost of their services, assign, based on their own considerations. If you're activity, you may want to become attached to their current rates for texts.

And the last. No one is stopping you to several corporate blogs simultaneously. The main thing - to calculate the forces. And then earn more than $ 1,000 per month would be real.

I wish you luck!

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