5 Tips to increase earnings with Google Adsense

5 Tips to increase earnings with Google Adsense

Just want to say that the described tips - it's just a recommendation. But not truths. Real situation specifically in your blog will help to establish a practice. Therefore, try, experiment, tell me about the results. In the meantime, I offer you 5 tips using which you are likely to increase their income from contextual advertising Adsense.

Tip 1: Use custom channels Adsense. To create a channel, go to the home page Google Adsense. Next in the "My Ads", and in the right menu, select "Custom Channels". Click "New client channel." Write the name of the channel. For example, "before fasting." And add in the left window into the right window are the ad units, which are located at the top before Lent. If the ad units are not created yet, do not worry. You can add them at any time. To do this, just click on the name of the desired client channel. By the way, the name can be chosen based not only on the placements. The channels may differ in color scheme category pages, etc.

Why is all this necessary? And it is necessary to track statistics for each of your ads, which is not available if you do not set up the appropriate channels. After you create a channel, all statistics will be available in the "Reports" - "Custom Channels". Also on the main page in the list of "most popular channels."

But what to do with the statistics, I think everyone knows that. It can be effectively used to identify the most successful placements and formats of advertising blocks. Sam began to use custom channels only recently. So a report on their use will be in the near future. And we come to the Board №2.

Tip 2: Create a placement with the possibility of targeting. What is the target and what can it do? And he needed in the first place, to advertisers. Targeting allows them to choose the most interesting places on your site / blog to host their context or image ads. And "interesting" can be defined as the location of the (top, bottom, right, left), and the theme of a specific page. The advantage of this accommodation is available. Advertisers are able to specify exactly where on your site wish to place an ad. Accordingly, competition for the best hot spots increases. The higher the competition, the higher the stakes.

To target, go to "My Ads", then to "Custom Channels". Click on the channel name in the dialog box tick the "Show this custom channel to advertisers as an accommodation to which you can target." And fill in all required fields. In the "Show ads" writing, which will show the ad unit. You can write this: "after each article on the website" or "On all pages at the top of building subjects." Something like that. Next, select "Location ads" and "Description". In describing the need as much detail describe the type and location of the advertising block (note available 140 characters, just like in Twitter). This description will be visible to advertisers. So try. Select the language that corresponds to your site and click on "Save". If you have not added channels and ad units are not specified, do it (see above for details, paragraph 1).

I have already set up a target and wait for the first results. On them I will also let you know later. In the meantime, experiment.

Tip 3: Use the "Leaderboard 728 × 90". If it is possible, and the size of your site / blog allow to place this ad unit, be sure to do it. These are the tips given by some western bloggers personally experienced this ad format. According to them, clicks on this ad units have the highest value. Although about CTR nobody says anything. But this setting affects the total earnings on contextual advertising is not less than the cost of a click.

Once upon a time, about one and a half years ago, I stood on Biznesvbloge.ru different design (yellow, if anyone remembers). So, he allowed the use of banner 728 × 90, which I did. I placed it directly under a cap and designed under the overall style of the blog, so it does not stand out and not irritate readers. I do not remember how many brought banner (if I did not take seriously contextual advertising), but remember that the ads are very succinctly looked and were always in sight. Unfortunately, I can not now establish such a unit, as the current design does not allow. But you can experiment and talk about their successes. We are all going to be very interesting.

Tip 4: Periodic updating design ads Adsense. But it's really interesting. I have long noticed that as soon as I change a little bit design blocks, CTR immediately increases. This situation is observed and many foreign webmaster.

And I can be as fully all ad and its individual elements. For example, I love to experiment with color header. Background color, I think, the best, if it meets the overall color scheme of the site. Although, it is possible and to work with him.

In addition, we should never zatsiklivatsya one format ads in one place. Blow different sizes. Perhaps where poorly ran a large rectangle, worked perfectly two small ones. You need to try. For example, I replaced after fasting "block 468x60" two "square 250x250." The result is very pleased with me.

And more. This step helped me to increase earnings on contextual advertising Google Adsense about 23%.

And then thanks to Google for technical support valuable advice. I posted a blog post text ads only. For some reason I thought that they work better. And here comes me a email from Google Adsense to read as follows:

"Currently online moysayt.ru text ads included for 100% of ad units and graphics / multimedia ads - to 0%. We recommend that you enable the display of both text and image ads in all ad units AdSense »

To be honest, at first I hesitated whether to do so. But then I decided to try it. Ultimately, I did not lose anything. That's right, thanks to their letter, I increased their earnings.

Tip 5: Movies + Adsense = increase in earnings. But this advice I was really surprised. He is from Western bloggers who claim that it works and brings very good results. Experience itself can not, but I will share with you information. Perhaps someone from the readers experience and tell us about the results.

The only condition - in his blog, you should use video. The essence of the method is as follows. Hosted video, and next to it a block contextual ads. And you can install advertising, both right and left of the video.

I honestly do not understand how this council brings results, but it would be interesting to try. What do you think about this?


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