How to live ?, Google AdSense is possible to earn good money?

How to live ?, Google AdSense can make money ?, really advertising is profitable ?. Almost every day we get questions like, some ask on the blog, other social networks and even email (I prefer to read the articles or ask in the blog), but today we answer such concerns.

How to live ?, Google AdSense is possible to earn good money?

As the subject of making enough money to live on Google AdSense achieve is very extensive, this issue I'll put links to other publications that complement it. You must keep in mind that it takes hard work doing things correctly and you're also not the only one that will be published on your topic.

What it takes to live advertising Google AdSense?

Basically you need to combine four elements in your blog or website mometizado Google AdSense: Having a lot of traffic, use good keywords, a good squad and use the most appropriate ad formats. Here are each of these points are essential if you really want to live AdSense:

With good traffic

See this link: How to generate traffic to your blog. If many people come to your blog or website, it is logical that this system works well monetization, to be profitable. But there are fundamental points that you should take into account and that is that we present below.

With good keywords (keywords)

Not the same generate 1,000 hits with maybe 10 or 20 clicks a topic for which advertisers pay very little (0.1 or 10 cents per click) to write on keywords that pay you well (up one or two US dollars) . View post: "Google AdSense and keywords".

With a good template

Not all templates are good for making money with this publicity, even the vast majority of the most elegant, professional and payment templates are poorly optimized for AdSense. Simple templates and white backgrounds and also allow any ad format, these are the best.

Appropriate formats

Ad formats should be best. If people see the ads and are not motivated, no doubt, you'll never earn enough to be able to live in this advertising. See publication on ad formats.

What is the best strategy for living of Google AdSense?

Regardless of how profitable or not the theme of your blog or website, the best strategy is to write about what you love, what you like and what you're good. Many entrepreneurs start an online project just thinking about how much money is going to win (this is my case with one of my blogs), but soon feels much peresa and are not motivated to write.

When the case is the former, it would be best to have a publishing site news, the kind in which users create the content and you only funges as moderator. Large platforms of this type have success because we die bloggers to have a link on another website (imagimas how well you can live AdSense with an article directory!).

Another strategy that works is the creation of several niche blogs. Knowing that you need to make a good study of keywords and make the proper job (SEO). The advantage is that it can be positioned well with few publications and then occasionally update for a way to maintenance and not to stop growing.

 Before you create a site that uses this Advertising

Many people make the mistake of thinking of creating a blog AdSense, but do a study of keywords: amount of search, analysis of competition, the advertising value of keywords, etc. But also make the mistake of using any url and put names to the web illogical.

A common rookie mistake (which I too made), is to create sites before learning some of the SEO topic. If you do not know the basics of SEO it will be very difficult indeed to live AdSense or succeed with any online monetization system.

In this blog, we have many publications about using this advertising: optimization recommendations, tips on SEO to help get enough traffic and other relevant. Many of the questions we are already answered in different publications so I recommend checking the blog.

In conclusion, saying that only well-motivated person who can work intelligently may in time be able to say who lives in revenue with Google AdSense. Most have to work for more than a year to make his first collection and talk about those who strive, without taking into account those who die in the attempt (those who abandon their blogs).

If you are looking for someone who lives in Google AdSense, I can say I've had very bad months: December, January and February, but thanks to God I am of those who live off the income generated by this advertising. Many do not like AdSense, but not only for this live the webmasters since there are other alternative monetization of which also speak in other publications.

I hope your comments and recommendations, but above all you succeed in your online venture. If you use this advertising, you really can earn good money with it.

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