Try to buy from Amazon a few months ago HTC

Try to buy from Amazon a few months ago HTC

According to a report, Amazon and HTC have worked on a Amazon Fire Phone Ede inexpensive, but pressure from AT & T did not allow outside reality. Amazon then offer to buy HTC.

Amazon may have purchased a HTC last year, all divided the manufacture of Amazon Fire Phone.

Apparently, HTC was working on a phone that was very economical, but then AT & T is scared when he knew it would not be exclusively for this operator in the United States, reports The Information. AT & T would have threatened to leave the Amazon Fire Phone support high-end, forcing Amazon to abandon HTC support for the project.

Soon after, it was rumored that Amazon would open made ​​a purchase proposal to HTC, Cher Wang but the president would have rejected the offer.

Neither company has commented on the matter and may not do so it will be very difficult to know the whole story of what happened last year, before the Amazon Phone Fire went on sale.

However, knowing that AT & T has had history of having the exclusivity of new or different as the First and HTC Status HTC phones, not be surprising that the story or part of the story is very true.

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