AdSense for search results on your site

AdSense for search results on your site

In the AdSense for Search adds the ability to display Google results directly on your site. No need to send users on Google for search results, they can now search for information, staying on your site. This new feature is the search results also include advanced configuration to maximize results in harmony with the site. To use it on your pages, simply select the "Open results on my site" for creating a code search.

Diagnosis - and treatment - problems scanning

On the new page "Site Diagnostics" in your account contains information about errors encountered by our scanner when trying to access your pages in order to determine its content and relevant advertising. On this page is reported when the scanner was unable to open a particular page, and suggests possible solutions to this problem, so we were still able to scan the content and provide relevant ads.

Start working with the data channels on the updated page of channels

According to numerous requests from publishers, we have updated the page channel, which is located on the "Configure AdSense" in your account. In addition to the efficient organization of data via AdSense for any product within the same tab, a new page design makes it easier to work with the TV. Now you can check the box to any channel, to enable, disable, or remove channels at your discretion.

Earn more with the help of the newly optimized pages with tips

We finished the optimization tips, where you can now find more information on the best color schemes and strategies for specific sites such as forums and blogs. Also tips page added new screenshots to simplify the optimization of your site. If you have never searched for advice or have used them in the past, but want to find new ways to increase their income, it's time for you to optimize.

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