Creation Foundation And History Of Google AdSense

Creation Foundation And History Of Google AdSense

Let's talk about the creation of the Internet giant, Google and its contextual advertising system, the history of this company and major products and services you have given us since its foundation, you will be surprised to know it arises and success.

There is much that can be said about the creation of this company, your story is very inspiring, surprising to see how two young entrepreneurs managed to get this far. What I offer you is only a brief summary of the history of Google and AdSense.

It is difficult to imagine web browsing and Internet same without this company and its products, undoubtedly introduced major changes in terms of communications solutions and search electronic information. Many of their products are great financial solution for many people who use their products and services for work, we would be a good example publishers websites.

The History of Google Inc.

The giant Internet, specifically search begins September 27, 1998 when it was founded Google Inc., whose main product is the search engine of the same name: Google, but we must clarify that by 1998 the Google search engine was already created . between 1996 and 1997 founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

It all started with Oingo, Inc. which was a private company located in Los Angeles, started in 1998 by Gilad Elbaz and Adam Weissman. Oingo developed a search algorithm based on WordNet called the meaning of words and his, which was developed 15 years ago by the University of Princeton, directed by George Miller underlying lexicon.

Later, Oingo changed its name to Applied Semantics in 2001, later in April 2003 it was acquired by Google for $ 102 million. Its main product is the search engine, the name of Google, the biggest search engine on the Internet and currently used. Offers quick and easy way to find information on the web, with access to an index of more than 8,168,000 web pages.

According to the company, Google currently serves more than 200 million queries a day. Google Inc. is currently one of the largest companies in the world, with many services such as Google Earth, AdSense, Gmail, and YouTube, among many others.
Among the products of Google are:

- Google Images.

- Google Groups.

- Google Directory.

- Google News.

- Gmail and Google+.

- Google Video.

- Google Maps.

- AdSense.

- Blogger.

- AdWords.

- Google Calendar.

- Google Analytics.

- Google Earth.

- YouTube (Purchased on October 10, 2006 by 1.650 million).

Google AdSense (formerly AdSense) is, along with Google AdWords, one of the products in the online advertising network of Google. Basically, it allows publishers to earn revenue by placing ads on their websites, whether text, graphics or advanced interactive advertising.

These ads are administered by Google and organized in association with AdWords advertisers through a complex system of instant auction. Get paid to website publishers a percentage of sums with AdWords.

Is this web site you will find much information on how it works monetization with a monetized blog with this ad, ad formats, payments for clicks and everything related to the topic. I invite you to see the different posts and leave your comments and suggestions.

Doing a bit of history and back to the issue, in 2009, Google AdSense announced it would offer new features, including the ability to enable multiple networks to display your ads. Below are the products of AdSense ad types.

Types of Google AdSense Announcements

Google AdSense offers several alternatives to Editors according to their needs and implementations.

AdSense for content, the most used by web publishers, just Google AdSense payment in 2013 over 9 billion dollars to its publishers.

AdSense for Feeds AdSense for Feeds remained in beta until August 15, 2008. Thereafter, it is available to all publishers.

AdSense for Search Google shares 51% of revenue to publishers.

AdSense for Mobile Content.

AdSense for Domains It allowed the opportunity to put ads on parked domains undeveloped, and earn income by receiving visits.

AdSense for Video offers reward owners of video content through the content network, including YouTube.

AdSense for references.

Already in another article on Surge As Google AdSense, I hope this brief history of the origins of this giant of the Internet and its main products and services will be useful.

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