The iPhone 6 is shown on Amazon to reveal their characteristics

The iPhone 6 is shown on Amazon to reveal their characteristics

Revealing leaks or rumors iPhone 6 features are appearing more frequently as September is approaching, the date at which Apple would have the next version of the iPhone.

In each filtration we have seen different sources, but it would be coming es tea occasion from Amazon.

The giant e-commerce company published a list where iPhone would supposedly revealing the characteristics and device information .. This reminds us a little of what happened with the 4G LTE Motorola Moto G appeared on Amazon before being officially presented.

Amazon list revealed that iPhone 6 have a screen of 4.7 inches, dimensions of 130 x 65 x 7 mm, weighing 113 grams, as 64GB of storage.

Although it is difficult to confirm or deny this, as crazy this leak is the price of iPhone. According to the Forbes report, the 64GB iPhone 6 would be priced at about $ 1,400, which would suggest that would be totally away from what it currently costs an iPhone 5S (US $ 850) to be an unlocked cell phone. Sure, the price may be increased by the inclusion of the sapphire glass, but Apple is known for maintaining a very similar price to new versions of their products.

Moreover, the photos seem to be iPhone 6 what we've been waiting for, with a very similar design to the iPhone 5S, but with some changes and a screen closer to the bezels.

Amazon listing even says that the iPhone 6 will be in stock on September 30, basically announced that will be released that day, at least in Japan.

As usual we'll have to wait to file your Apple devices to confirm or deny these rumors.

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