Android App MINSK 2014

Android App MINSK 2014

New application built specifically for developers Belorussian Ice Hockey World Championship 2014 in Minsk. Major sporting events - a big load, not only for the organizers but also for the fans), especially if they are in an unfamiliar city or in another country. And such "event" is a specialized application - a great help for the fans, allowing them to correct and interesting to organize their time.

Application features:


  • Handy calendar showing the dates arenas meetings, results of games played and current matches.
  • Scoreboard displays as a summary of the position command and comprehensive statistics on depression. Game stats changes online.
  • List of teams from 16 countries. Presented national flags, recaps and texts of national anthems!

Maps of the city

  • Online and offline modes of navigation. No internet - just switch mode that does not require access to the Internet.
  • Select a category of seats. Exclusive markers on the map prompt Browse nearby.

Designated Minsk

  • Where to eat? Cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs.
  • What to see? Attractions in Minsk.
  • Where to have fun? Casino, billiards, bowling, night clubs, strip bars, karaoke.
  • Where to shop? Grocery stores, boutiques, clothing stores and accessories.
  • Who can help? Banks and ATMs, pharmacies, medical centers.
  • If you really need? Toilets.


  • English-Russian phrasebook with transcription and voice-over phrases.
  • Anthems of all the countries participating in the always fast access.
  • "Dudelki" should include the right for maximum volume!
  • Taxis can be called with one button.
  • Minsk metro scheme.
  • Fascinating and important facts about the city.
  • Tips and suggestions how to spend time in the city.
  • Tourist map for walking in the center of the capital.
  • List of attractions in Minsk.
  • Public transportation city.

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