Shop Now Products of Amazon on Twitter

Shop Now Products of Amazon on Twitter

A famous company Amazon of selling and purchasing on internet has announced to link with the social order website twitter. That’s why people of twitter can do shopping by using hash tag.

Also by using hash tag, particular #amazonbasket, in Bertania and in America #amazonecart , by giving the answer of tweets they can include many things in their Amazon shopping card. So, people have to do visit on Amazon website for the confirmation about shopping.

Different companies are trying to catch customers by these websites to become a renowned.

A Digital Tash’hir company of lawis pals, a landowner of the division of Asia Pacific Sanjna Chapli said: The important thing is that conversation, people do or discus on different plat forms about their favorite things.  

Different brands want to use these plate formulas because they have number of people, and they said:

This announcement has been heard before some days, when twitter broadcast their loss about 30 crore in its first year.

Number of people on twitter increase about 2540000 Dollars in first 3 months of this year which is increment of 5.8%, but it is too less according to the prediction of experts.

Amazon consider as a biggest online shop and here many things for selling.

Twitter lose its victorious from several previous years therefore, it is predicted about their income become drop.

Snjna Chapli said that twitter will get better experience when it work with Amazon therefore it will get more advertising and regards.

For twitter not only numbers of members are important but also it is important that how much time members are spending on it. They can get better connection as well as with Amazon website.

On the other side Amazon also said people can purchase things easily by seeing in their twitter feed

In a video of Amazon it is said that for the purpose of shopping people doesn’t need to change application or remember password to search anything.

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