200 mn data records stolen in Jan-Mar 2014 globally

200 mn data records stolen in Jan-Mar 2014 globally

Data breaches have seen a significant increase this year with cyber criminals stealing about 200 million records in the first quarter , a whopping 233 percent increase in the period a year ago , a report by SafeNet , said Wednesday.

According to data protection solutions business level Safe Net Breach Index ( BLI) , stolen records during the quarter is equal to about 93,000 records stolen every hour.

" Of the 254 data breaches that occurred during the quarter , only 1 percent were breaches or defaults that solutions of strong encryption , key management and authentication data is protected using the safe ," the report said BLI .

Due to variation of stiffness of the notification requirements of violation of global data , quarterly data excludes these organizations did not reveal the number of data records were exposed . In all probability , the total number is likely to be even higher, he said.

South Korea was the most affected with a loss of 158 million albums across a variety of industries , representing 79 percent of the total number of records worldwide informed breached , he said.

Meanwhile, the number of South Koreans broke records was extremely high , the number of incidents of rape in Asia - Pacific as a whole accounted for only 7 percent of the total global infringements , dwarfed by the 78 percent ( 199 cases ) that occurred in North America and 13 percent in Europe .

The report revealed that the financial sector was the most affected , accounting for 56 percent of all records lost or stolen data . However, it accounted for 14 percent of total offenses during the quarter.

Healthcare industry was hard hit in terms of violation events , representing 24 percent of all offenses . However, the industry accounted for only 9 percent of records lost or stolen data , said.

Twenty percent of all records lost or stolen wine industry technology, while retail accounts for only 1 percent of records lost or stolen data and 10 percent of all data breaches even including rape Sally Beauty Supply, which made headlines , the report added .

Government and Education offenses accounted for less than 1 percent of all stolen records and 23 percent of data breaches , including breach of the University of Maryland 287,000 records stolen earlier this year.

"There were about three offenses and 2.2 million records stolen every day , and over 93 thousand miles per hour ," said BLI report .

Commenting on the report , Director of Strategy Tsion Gonen Safe Net said : "In the differentiation between safe and unsafe violations , it is important to note that the victims have protected your data with encryption to limit the damage caused by a breach and the date unusable for cyber criminals render. "

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