3 Steps to create a blog with SimpleSite

When we refer to blogging first thing that comes to mind of WordPress, Blogger, and other blogging. The truth is that there are platforms that are used by more than 9 million users can leverage to create links especially Tier 1 and the ranking benefit from our main blog.

3 Steps to create a blog with SimpleSite

This time we will see how to create a blog with SimpleSite , a free online tool that helps us to build a website or blog in minutes in 3 steps.

Choose a design

The first step to create a blog with SimpleSite is to select the design , although there are many options and all alike, you can have an elegant site .

Write your story and select a photo

You must select a photo and then while editing the site you can change or add more .

Add a name to your blog

Finally we select the name of the blog, enter the name to be of the form: simplesite.com / tublog

Now get to work ! SimpleSite and we 're going to click on " Get Started ." That takes us to the wizard to begin the 3 steps above .

Select the design and select " Next" .

We must select the photo you used the blog , we can select from the list or from your computer . In this scenario we select the option " From Computer " and look for the image we have saved and select " OK "

That will take us back to the previous step of photo selection , so select "next".

Now let's enter the site name , the name that we select will be as follows : simplesite.com / yourname

We need to create a password and confirm it , then click on " Next" .

We will enter our email using the account and click on "OK".

We will see the following note: During the free trial period outbound links of your website will be marked as rel = " nofollow" . Your web site will function as intended, but may not be used for search engine optimization ( SEO). And as we are more advanced than SimpleSite and that we are not interested , click on " Next" .

We selected the goal of our blog : Personal, business and others. We click on " Next"

Once this is finished we will see our site immediately created with our control panel .
About the Control Panel

SimpleSite pane we see 3 tabs :

Your pages : Where we can add pages to post on the site or blog with photos , video, and text presentations . We have a maximum of 40 pages to post .

Your design : This option allows you to customize the site header , fonts and colors .

Music: This option allows you to select a song to play it to get into our blog. Very old , no? Best omit this option!

Only now begin creating pages and improve our design, which is limited but lets you create a very easy to create static site .

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