Seo revolution, new SEO contest 2014

For those who are aware of the changes in the major search engines in which we seek to position our sites or keywords, we have to notice or realize for some way to have started a new contest, the biggest I've seen date, where SEO will test the knowledge and skills of both talk and we flaunt to control and manipulate.

Seo revolution, new SEO contest 2014

You think you're smarter than Google? Read on!

As last year, the administrator and owner of the largest Latino Bloggers, Forobeta, has launched the second year running another contest that promises a grand prize of 5,000 dollars to the winner, who will aim to position the word SEO revolution.

The contest in Forobeta ends on April 6 where he will announce the winner, who the great merit of SEO ranking this year and an extra prize of 1,000 dollars will take if he can position the same keyword search engine from countries like Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Colombia, etc..

You think SEO? Wake shows your knowledge and talent with Seo revolution!

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