You Need to Know to Protect your WordPress site (HeartBleed)

You Need to Know to Protect your WordPress site (HeartBleed)

We all have read on other sites and blogs on technology discovered in the security protocol that has affected thousands of sites that have already taken other security measures such as Facebook, Twitter or Amazon vulnerability.

HeartBleed is the name that has caused panic specialists in network security, but measures to be protected are very simple. Not only important sites are at risk from this vulnerability, but also anyone site using HTTPS

And of all sites created in WordPress or another platform use this protocol, there is nothing to worry. Moreover, if your website uses WordPress these are the steps that you must take to protect yourself:

How to protect yourself from HearBleed in WordPress

Updating the Software

You must contact your hosting provider and ask if your server is affected or if using a vulnerable version of OpenSSL. You also need to inform you through the forum or blog of your company, if you are likely to be affected have already released a statement or are working on updating the software, either way it does not hurt to send an email.

Change passwords

If you manage a site with members or users who have their accounts, you need to send an email notification to request change passwords on accounts and be more secure. Ensures before having spoken to your provider to not cause panic among users and confirm your vulnerability has been corrected.

If you think your site or hosting also been affected or not sure, here you can test this HeartBleed or other site offers an option with HTTPS

You've probably used one of the most famous websites like Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, Mail Gmail or Outlook for the past two years, so it is important to change passwords to ensure that your details are not exposed. Anyway you can check the list of sites affected by Heartbleed and measures taken their security teams.

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