Excellent 5 Ways to Make money with your blog

Excellent 5 Ways to Make money with your blog
Adsense is the best program to make money with contextual advertising on our blog which is shown as the theme of our sites and searches that users to enter our blog via search engines.

Although the Adsense program is the most used, such popularity makes it difficult nowadays to be accepted into the program and we must meet certain guidelines. But what happens when your Adsense account has been locked out, disabled or your site banned by the program?

It is very difficult to find another excellent alternative, as the theme of your blog to make money, also remember that not all the subjects of our sites are accepted by the program. But well, we all know adsense, how it works, how to use, etc, which I will share now effective alternatives or other options we have to make money with a blog.

The CPC Adsense type programs are very low, unless you have a niche or microniche and incomes are generally unless you have good amount of hits to earn the minimum to withdraw each month.

Affiliate Programs

Systems or affiliate marketing are the most profitable leave , depending on the product that we promote the blog and leave us the commission . The type of product that we promote depends on the theme of our site to have more credibility. Some of the best known systems are Amazon Affiliate , Clickbank or Commission Junction .

Sell ​​space on your blog

Another alternative is to make money through the spaces in your blog. Depending on the number of visits and other factors to consider having your blog, you can consider selling spaces , usually in the header , side or in the body of your blog articles bar .

The price of each space depends on the format , number of visits, age and authority of the site, etc. .

Links or Sponsored Posts

The sale of bonds remains one of the main alternatives to make some money , either as banners, text links in your blog or bar directly into your posts.

In the same way as a producer can promote through an affiliate program , sponsored posts are a good way to earn some extra money, but you should not abuse and your site will be seen as a link farm .

The amount of links or sponsored posts rely heavily on theme of your blog , so be sure to accept the same topics you write about on your site . Do not expect to see an article on my blog tour !

Sell ​​your services

Many Bloggers have considered selling based on the same subject and orientation of blog services. Before getting started with this option you must create a user community and believe in what you do and win market and popularity.

One way to promote your services is through online communities and promoting your blog. Remember promote your services through posts or articles you create , creates internal pages with more information, details and prices.

To be considered

Although we can find other ways and similar alternatives to make money with a blog, we must consider the following:

Never abuse the advertising you put in your blog , users notice it and feel saturated when navigating your site . I recommend what I use as intrusive and annoying advertising popups or popunders , etc. . Focus always on the content of your blog which will offer users - do not write for search engine robots and - as this is part of the quality you offer on your site .

If you use affiliate systems sure to promote as close to the theme of your site to make it more effective.

The more traffic your site is more likely to sell and you have to take into account the influence of your blog to your readers and users in publications in social media you use. You can use Analytics to measure conversions and whether social networks are being effective in bringing traffic to your blog.

If you have more advice , tips or you want to share ways to monetize a blog, remember to leave a comment !


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