Registration in the Advertising system Google Adsense - Tips and Tricks

Registration in the Advertising system Google Adsense

When I wrote about creating a free blog at, the topic of making money on contextual advertising had to be very much welcome. For earnings with Google Adsense you do not need much - just simply Google account and the site on which there is content (website or blog should be indexed in at least).

Register on this site can be, but before you join the Google AdSense, read my tips and tricks to improve your chances of getting your account in the shortest line.

Once you create your account with Google, you can safely go to the page and fill all the necessary information . It is important to know that the principal value is your resource .

After completing the registration You receive a letter stating that at the moment your life is awaiting approval by a moderator and you can get an answer in 5-7 days ( it all depends on your site and luck )
What is the process of moderation sites on Google Adsense? - Bots Google to start collecting all the information about your resource ( for example - the date of the resource kolichetsvo internal and external links , the total amount of indexed pages , and so on ) , then the bot can approve or not approve the request. If your site is not held in moderation bot search Google, you will receive a letter which contains the most reason.

And if the bot gives the nod, then your application goes to the employee Google, inc., Which quickly check the details of your life and have decided to take your life or not.

This two-stage care test takes 5 to 7 days, but if your site is quality made ​​and already possesses good performance, the application may be approved for 2 hours (as it was in my case

If your life has been tested, then you can add your advertisements on the site and they will be available in 10 minutes. In this case, you can safely read the instructions in my earnings from Google Adsense and gradually optimize the layout of the ad units on your site or blog.

A few tips related to registration in Adsense:

  • The system pays earned money in the system checks only cash , so when registration is necessary to enter the real data (accuracy of address and name are very important - if not specified the correct address , you can not pass the verification of addresses and can not receive the money, and if will incorrectly identify the username , then the bank you just simply refuse cashing of the check) .
  • Do not be upset if your site will not immediately in Google Adsense, there are many methods to accelerate the verification and receiving account on the system.
  • Follow the rules of the site , many beginners often lose their accounts in the system, just simply because of the stupidity of inexperience

The following article will talk about if you apply the system through or could not pass the verification of the first time.


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