COLOURS Advertisements of the Google Adsense

COLOURS Advertisements of the Google Adsense

Now as many of you know how to create your own blog on the service, I want to tell you more about making money online with blogs and websites. I know and I want to say that to earn a blog system is not so easy but I'll try to help you earn enough money to create your first quality internet site.

The main method of earning money on blogs is a free advertising system Google Adsense, when someone clicks on the ads that you 'll get the money (usually € 0.01-€ 5.00 per click - this is the official statistics Google Adsense).

This system of contextual advertising is the leader of this business , and regardless of the subjects of your life - you can get paid for advertisements placed on your website or blog.

The Google AdSense program allows you to not only display the contents of contextual ads , and advertising and integrate into the existing color scheme of your website or blog.

As I said in my post about the types of ad units Adsense - You can change the format of advertising block Google Adsense.

But at this stage the functionality of this resource does not stop - just as you can change the appearance of parts of your ad unit : borders ads AdSense, advertising background Adsense, Adsense ad title , text color Adsense ads and channel filtering system blocks advertising Google Adsense.

Your changes are updated directly online , enabling you to view and edit the look of your ad unit Adsense. Once you're satisfied with the changes , all you need to do - is to install the code on your website or blog. It is also very important that you need to install the ad code only once, so you can change color advertising panel Adsense publisher .

Just - you have a choice between a set of ready-made color schemes that you can simply select and install on your site . But if you need a unique range to be used more than once - you can just save it and automatically restore a single click .

They say that the correct selection of colors Adsense ad units can increase Adsense CTR, it is on this topic pay a little more attention.

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