Gmail mails are now safer

Gmail mails are now safer

In an article recently published in the Official Gmail Blog, Google Inc announces that mails of the famous free email service are now safer than before thanks to encrypted HTTPS incoming and outgoing emails as they go through Google servers connections.

Other new update to provide security for users is that no matter what type of connection you're using, wireless public, from home or mobile connection, the system will be equally Gmail encryption to ensure data security.

Gmail is one of the most popular services used mainly by Bloggers post, because with the same email from Google Inc have access to almost all the tools to administer and manage our blogs without creating new emails in other services. For example, with our same Gmail account that we can access our account of Blogger, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google Drive to store and share files, etc..

Gmail also reported that in 2013 was available for Gmail users to 99.978% of the time, which means that the average user outage was less than two hours throughout the year.

Source: Gmail Blog

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