5 Options for Using Comments on Your Blog

5 Options for Using Comments on Your Blog
The blogging platforms like WordPress (with hosting) or Blogger, for being the most popular, bring their default comment systems which can modify and change. These alternatives can be applied on both platforms and each has its advantages, depending on your site that you have.

5 Options for using comments on your blog

Personally I like the system because Disqus is like the "all in one" systems review, in addition to not load your site or database with more information. If you are using Disqus on Blogger or WordPress you can enable comments or guest users to use their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Google plus which could give some virality for your blog.

With Disqus you just need to create the account and generate code installation on any platform. If you use WordPress plugin do not use, this is something to do with just paste the code in theme (single.php). It also allows you to display a counter comments, entries similar post you are reading and Top users with more comments.

According to information published on the web 75% of the blogs on the Internet use third party comments systems like Disqus, plus the alternative is "friendly" to the SEO and mobile platforms so your visitors will not have problems when surfing with comment their mobile devices.

Google Plus
Recently, the social network Google Inc also released the commenting system through Google Plus that allows our users only use their Google or G+ accounts to post comments. The great advantage as in other social networks is that the content can go viral on these social sites and links to your post would be stronger.

The feedback system can be used in G+ Blogger default with just enabling the option from the control panel and a WordPress plugin.

The most popular social network on the net has many tools that benefit us, one of these is to submit the feedback form we use in our profiles and posts from our blogs. Best of all, we have found that this Facebook comment system is systems that bring more profit to the blog and get more visitors.

This system can be installed on Blogger or WordPress without plugins and is customizable. Here you can go to the official website of the tool and follow the installation instructions.

Intense Debate
From the creators of WordPress and Akismet Polldady comes another interesting product reviews as a great alternative for our blogs without plugins and easy installation!

Intense Debate system is easily integrated into your platform has word filter in comments, users can reply to the comment with quotes another user may report abuse or violation for any reason they deem not to use that comment or inappropriate supports widgets as "Most Viewed", "Top Commentators", etc

This alternative is much like Intense Debate or Disqus allowing users to comment as "anonymous" or using social and similarly moderate profiles can, filter or use comments widgets in Sidebar blog. Here you can see a running Livefyre

For WordPress there is an option "All in One" which allows visitors to select the path to leave comments as it

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