The Best Tools for Keyword Research 2014

The Best Tools for Keyword Research 2014

As previously stated many times on the new change in the algorithms of search engines due to spammers and black hat techniques, we always have to focus all SEO tactics for creating entire blog more search engines. That's why my topic is about keywords research, because after the hummingbird update in Google, people have lost everything organic traffic due to the keywords of low quality, therefore it is very necessary for the related keyword research and optimize your blog to rank well in the search engines.

The best tools for keyword research 2014

In this post and I will share some of the best tools in 2014 to research keywords for bloggers. These tools suggest good keywords for your post to rank well in search engines to drive huge organic traffic.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is the new creative name Google AdWords Keyword Tool and helps in keyword research. Keyword research is a progressive strategy for successfully put and also help the review of worldwide traffic to any region or particular phrase.


Ubersuggest is a planner tool Google keywords, helps to get many ideas and offer suggestions for search engines that can be useful for your message.

SEMRush :

SEMRush is the best SEO software that is used for keyword research and also have a strong database of keywords. The famous also recommended the best SEO software.

Bing keyword research :

Bing tool keyword research belongs to the Bing Webmaster Tools . To access this service you have to register and then they will provide the concern ideas.

Seo books:

SEO Book is connected to firefox and is a free service . You have to register to access their services and get firefox add .

Tracker World:

World Tracker helps you get free suggestions and provide some extra information like the daily search volume , etc

Wordstream :

Wordstream is a research tool that provides free keyword ideas that may be useful to their new positions .

Wordpot :

Message Word is also a research tool that provides free keyword suggestions and search related phrase selected .

Suggester :

Suggester is a free keyword research tool and provides free tips and best ideas that can be useful for the post.

Long line PRO:

It is a best tool for keyword research and suggestion that provides details on a total monthly searches , competition for keywords, calculate CPC and many more.

For more help for an external link above or related research tools keyword of the item you can ask. Greetings.

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