How to Get Your Web Site to the First Results Page

How to Get Your Web Site to the First Results Page

In order to rank higher, you have to understand how Google places value on links. Each link is counted as a vote, but not all links are created equal meaning that not every link’s value is counted the same. If a link is deemed as high quality, it will pass on more link juice and therefore help your website gain higher ranking positions (compared to lower quality links).

If you have not been getting the number of visitors to your website as you would have liked then you may have not understood fully the concept of internet marketing in relation to websites. For guaranteed search engine rankings there are a number of techniques that are fundamental - without these you do not stand a chance of getting anywhere near the first few pages of search results.

The primary method to improve the search engine rankings of your website has nothing to do with how they look on a browser. You may have a beautiful looking site that is full of flash images and nice little tweaks, as well as a cool logo, but this will not have any effect on your ranking.

Most of us will use our favorite search engines every day, there is always something we want to look up or locate. Ask yourself how many of the results pages will you actually go through? It is rare to go past the third of fourth page; most people will only look at the first page. If you are going to increase the number of hits you get, your site has to appear on the first or second page.

To achieve this there are essential techniques that need to be used

1. You should understand that each page of your website will have a separate listing in all the search engines. For this reason the methods used for better rankings must be applied to every single page and not just the main one.

2. Keywords and phrases are the Holy words of search engine optimization. Without taking time to think about the most suitable words you are not going to get the desired results. Such phrases and words need to be relevant to the content of the webpage as well as being used by the person searching the net. There are tools available which may help you to find the most commonly used terms. Also keep in mind that a phrase does not have to have the correct grammar.

3. The titles you choose for each page needs to be different and informative. They should also contain the most important keywords. Do not just use the name of your web site as people may not be searching for that particular phrase.

4. Meta Tags are part of the design code. These are essential for any successful search engine rankings. You need to provide the Meta title, Meta key words, and a Meta description.

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