How To Significantly Increase Your Revenue from AdSense Referrals

adsense referrals income

AdSense Referrals – where you introduce visitors to products like Google Pack, Google Apps, Firefox, etc. – can be an excellent source of revenue if you get them right.

In the last three months, our income from AdSense Referrals has nearly tripled (see graph) and is now at par with revenue generated from AdSense for Search program. Want to learn the trick ?

There aren’t any secret recipes – you first need to find products that will appeal more to your visitors. For instance, photography blogs will have better ore success with Picasa while technology blogs will get more conversions with Google Pack and Firefox.

Use Text Links: Google provides Referrals in both image and text format but I would recommend using the text format as they fit any area and blend extremely well with the content. You can even change the font size of AdSense units.

Now comes the part that will help you significantly boost your AdSense income from Referrals:
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Pick the Right Text Link: For every Google Product, you have a variety of text links to choose from. For example, Google Pack is available in six variations.


Since it is nearly  impossible for anyone to guess which of these six text links will work best on their blog, you should create individual channels for each of them. The channel names can be constructed using the words in the text link to avoid confusions later. 

Here’s a snapshot from my "Manage AdSense Channels" page – the "google-pack-get-essential-sw" channel name corresponds to – "Get Essential Software with Google Pack" – and so on.


The next step is AdSense Split Testing where we rotate all these text links (same product but different language) at one place. Here’s a sample code to help you implement an AdSense split test for referrals:
google_ad_output = "textlink";
google_ad_format = "ref_text";
google_ad_client = "pub-1234";
google_cpa_choice = ""; // on file
var labnolcpa = Math.random();
if (labnolcpa <= .3) {
  google_ad_slot = "1234";
} else if (labnolcpa > .3 && labnolcpa <= .6) {
  google_ad_slot = "7890";
} else if (labnolcpa > .6) {
  google_ad_slot = "5583";
After you run this test for few days, go to your AdSense Reports (Advanced), choose Referrals in the product and show performance by Channel data. Find the text links that aren’t working so well and eliminate them from your slip test. Repeat.

And after three such iterations, you will find the right ad(s) that convert best on your website. That’s how it worked for me.


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