How to Set The Number Of Posts Shown On Labels Pages For Blogger

The actual number i have applied is 12, the same as the home page  which you will see every time you select a label.So lets see how you can set a limit to any number of posts you choose.

How to Set The Number Of Posts Shown On Labels Pages For Blogger

Set Fixed Amount Of Posts Displayed On Labels Pages

Step 1. In Your (New Design) Blogger Dashboard Click The Drop Down Menu For Your Blog > Choose Template > Then Edit Html > Now Proceed > Tick The Expand Widget Templates Box

Step 2. Find the following code in your blogs html - it will be in your template a few times :
(Click Ctrl and F for a search bar to help find the code )


Step 3. Replace them all with the following code :

expr:href='data:label.url + "?max-results=6"'

Important - Highlighted is the number of posts displayed, it's set as 6.Replace the number 6 with the number of posts you want displayed.

Linking Directly To Labels

So that will set a number of posts to be displayed in the links automatically generated.By automatically generated i mean labels in a labels gadget in your sidebar or above/below your posts.What if you are adding manually adding labels links to a post, menu or elsewhere ?

Simply add ?max-results=6 to the end of the URL, changing 6 to the number you want.

So this :

Becomes This

That's it your labels pages now have a fixed number of posts displayed.

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