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Many Twitter users require to earn plenty of from their tweets, They Search in Google about How to place Google Adsense in Twitter or How to Place Google Ads between Tweets. Regrettably, Twitter can not be yet monetized with Google Adsense. But still you can earn money by tweeting at twitter. Through affiliate promotion you can make money using twitter. Here are top methods to make money using twitter.

Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets gives a financial value to your tweets that you post on twitter. Sponsored Tweets is a simple way to earn money from Twitter. In the event you know abut Pay per post then i must tell you that Sponsored Tweets pays you per tweet. You can make money by posting the message of an advertiser at your twitter account. All you need to start to earn money from twitter using is to set your tweeting cost, add a section about what a tweet ought to be, & some keywords then wait for offers to roll in from Advertisers. You will be paid one time you earned maximum $50. You will get paid by within 24 hours after you earn $50 at sponsored tweets.


In this twitter monetize device, the advertiser first creates a commercial campaign & time of tweet. Then looks for the appropriate twitter account to display the message of advertiser. You will get paid by displaying the commercial messages in your twitter account. In case you was looking for the solution of How to Earn Money per tweet using Twitter then Twitter is of the ideal & fraud-free solution because they are having fraud detection mechanism. You will be paid by Pay-pal one time you earned maximum amount of $30.

Rev Tweet is another way to make money from tweets. Its like above methods of making money with twitter. They pay for tweeting their commercial messages in those ways. You can either use CPC process where they pay you ten cents per click or second process is that they will pay you $0.30 per thousand followers. It means in case you have ten,000 followers then rev tweet will pay you $3 per tweet. You get paid by pay pal when you earn maximum of $20.


Be Tweeted is another technique to monetize your twitter account and earn funds by displaying messages of advertisers in tweets. They will give you a web-site address and need to post at your twitter with some personal introduction and recommendation. You will be paid according to clicks made on advertisers given URL that you tweeted. You can accept or reject a link of advertiser.

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