Analyze Your Jogging a blog Business

I am not much for making empty resolutions. I prefer to make designs and concrete goals and I prefer to back these up with lovely research. That is why I spent some time at the finish of 2009 analyzing my walking a blog business. Kristen Nicole gave some lovely advice on preparing for a prediction post and some of what they suggests can be used to help you prepare for the next phase of your walking a blog business. Here are the steps I took and what I learned about my walking a blog business.

Blogging Income Sources

To start with I had a glance at where walking a blog work was coming from. I made a list of all my clients and looked at those for whom I had completed a single post as well as those for whom I blogged regularly. I then went through my income spreadsheet to see how much money I made in each instance. (There were some posts which I did for promotion where I was one time not paid but where the traffic from the weblog was well worth the hour I spent preparing the post.) One time I had those figures I was one time able to see which clients were the most important in income terms. I also revealed which clients hired me regularly all year long.

Additional Walking a blog Income

The second thing I looked at was additional income from walking a blog. This included funds that came from promoting affiliate products & promotion. Again I looked at the figures to see which products were worth the time I spent promoting them & which were not.

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