5 Easy ways for teenagers to make money online

1. Pay Per Click
You run a weblog for fun. It could be on any topic you like. One time you have visitors in your blog/ website, you can monetize it with pay per click advertisement. You must sign up as a publisher & then you require to put the ads on your weblog. When a visitor clicks on your advertisement, you will get an amount of profit, that is it.

2. Paid Sponsored reviews
In the event you have a weblog, you can make huge funds by writing paid content. You will get an average of $5-$20 per 100-200 words sponsored
content. In the event you have a weblog with more traffic & search ranks, you can make even more with every paid reviews. This is more advanced way to earn funds online & better than PPC.
There's different paid review sites like Pay Per Post, Smarty, Loud Launch, Sponsored Reviews etc.

3. Affiliate marketing
You can sign up as an affiliate for different companies & services. put the affiliate ads on your web-site & let your visitors sign up under your link. For every successful sales of a product & service or a sign up, you will receive a commission. This commission can be different among products. An average commission could be $5-$20 or if the product is more exclusive, you can also make $50-$100 per sales.

4. Sell a service
In the event you do any other offline jobs, you can use the net to sell your service. In the event you are a fashion designer, party organizer, photographer or do music along with your band, you can generate your own net site to market the service in your neighborhood. You market your service online, like shopping for elderly & disable people, babysitting, lawn cleaning etc.
Teenagers do plenty of things offline for earnings, you can use the net to promote it. Add full details of your service, images, jobs you have completed before & the rates & see people calling you for help.

5. Web reseller
You can become a web reseller to make some additional funds online. Sign up for a reseller account in any web company & manage your domains. Sell domains & hosting services & make profit. This positive needs some investment, but one time you know the game, you will make giant profits.
Before you start this business, make positive you know about sites, site owners, domains & everything or else you will be a teen failure.

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