Windows XP has lost another place in popularity OS

Windows XP has lost another place in popularity OS

Despite the fact that some users still prefer the operating systems Windows XP, it is gradually losing ground, giving way to a new operating system from Microsoft.

According to an independent analytical agency NetMarketShare, Windows 8 operating system (including Windows 8.1) for the first time surpassed the popularity of Windows XP, which took second place for quite some time.

As reported on the website of the agency, in November 2014 the number of computers running Windows 8.x reached 18.65%. While the share of Windows XP on the market decreased to 13.57%. Thus, we can see that the majority of users gradually update their computers to newer operating systems.

Quite possibly, this was the end of Windows XP support from Microsoft, as many users of the importance of security of its own operating system.

It is worth noting that a large margin continues to lead the "Operating System» Windows 7. According to the agency, the share of the most popular operating system from Microsoft is 53.71%, while the figure is increasing every month.

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