This concept shows us the future of Samsung Galaxy S6

This concept shows us the future of Samsung Galaxy S6

Some concepts of Samsung Galaxy S6 show us what could be the future of this new phone. This concept of the Samsung Galaxy S6 shows a 20MP camera and qHD display (2K)

Many have said that the Galaxy Alpha is the beginning of a new era for Samsung, it would take quite possibly some of its features to implement them in other products, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and all we have until presented in 2015 are concepts such as the one presented by Yasser Farahi.

The displayed to Samsung Galaxy S6 as a phone with classic metal front panel of its predecessors, but also a great guy in the back. The Galaxy S6 could have this kind of elegant design that have waited for generations.

The concept of the cell has only a thickness of 6.7mm and a weight of 140 grams. The back cover is no longer removable, and SIM card and microSD card can be accessed through its edge, like other devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a qHD (2K) screen of 5.2 inches, a 20-megapixel main camera with support for recording 4K UHD and the button that has the fingerprint reader.

Also displayed the Galaxy S6 with an octa-core Snapdragon processor 64 Bits 810, Adreno 430 GPU and heart rate monitor.


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