Top 7 Tips to Reuse Great Content and Get More Value

Top 7 Tips to Reuse Great Content and Get More Value

Creating unique content on a regular basis for your website, social media platforms, newsletters, and your article portfolio is a massive undertaking. Did you know you can squeeze more value out of your articles?
Use these tips to reuse your quality article content to create valuable media across your platform.
  1. Social Media
    Based on the information you present in your articles, write informative tweets (Twitter), posts (Facebook and Google+), and even pins (Pinterest). Want to create a meme your audience will share? Pull a motivating, inspiring, or engaging quote from your article and add it to a relevant, meaningful image.

  2. Video
    Develop scripts from your articles to create informative video shorts. Transpose your article by reading your article out loud and swap out any language that feels too stuffy, verbose, or formal. Tip: Videos are all about being visual. Keep it visually interesting by using visual aids (e.g., whiteboards or overlay text/images) to help convey your point.

  3. Webinar
    Based on one or more related articles, create an online slide presentation that (1) outlines a process or concept, (2) provides a step-by-step process or supporting evidence, (3) shows milestones or how to measure progress, and (4) provides a call-to-action. Promote your upcoming presentation across your platform by inviting your audience to participate with their questions and comments. Use your live articles as fodder to help spark interest and to help your audience come prepared for participation.

  4. Ebooks and Reports
    Transform your related, published articles into a downloadable PDF (ebook or report). Use it as incentive to visit your website from the Resource Box of your next set of articles, your social media posts, newsletters, and more. You can also choose to sell your PDF or offer it as a bonus for purchasing another product.

  5. Print
    If you own a brick-and-mortar business, print off your best articles and make them readily available in your store or waiting room. Your visitors or prospective clients will be more relaxed (and impressed!) when they see the extent of your knowledge through your articles. Simply select the “Print this article” button in the Article Tools section that appears below your published articles.

  6. Infographics
    Illustrate key points, data, and steps from your published articles in visually dynamic infographics. Be selective about the type and amount of information you pull from your articles to present in your infographics. What makes great infographic fodder? Article content that discusses quantitative data, qualitative data, pros/cons, comparative analysis, timeline, and definitive facts or figures.

  7. Podcasts
    Go audio by turning your articles into a podcast series. It’s easy to do all you need is a microphone and audio recording software. Similar to developing video scripts, transpose your articles into an audio script by ensuring the language “speaks” clearly to your audience.

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